Kalanki Underpass

Kalanki Underpass to Come into Operation from the third week of July

Aiming to reduce the traffic congestion in the valley, the Government had initiated the construction of an underpass in Kalanki last year. The Kalanki underpass was expected to be ready for operation in the third week of June.  And after waiting for quite a time now, Kalanki underpass is finally ready and is going to come into operation from the third week of July this year.

The Kalanki underpass project solely focuses on easing the traffic congestion in the area. Kalanki Chowk is the main transit point of Kathmandu Valley. If you’re a daily commuter and have to travel through the Kalanki area, you might know the struggle of getting stuck in Kalanki traffic jam; the area is notorious for traffic jams. The road situation is chaotic and the air pollution makes it even worse. Having known all the chaotic road situation and traffic congestion in the area, the Government decided to build Kalanki underpass and ease all these traffic and road issues.

kalanki underpass construction

Kalanki Underpass. Credit: Online Khabar

Kalanki underpass is the first of its kind in the country. It is 800 meters longs and has four lanes. The ‘wall finishing’ works on 15 meters and blacktopping works on 400 meters of the underpass remain to be completed, according to the officials. The infrastructure has been constructed as part of the Koteshwor- Balkhupul-Kalamlo Ring Road Improvement Project. The Government of the People’s Republic of China has provided around NPR. 5 billion for this project.

According to Prakash Bhandari, the Project Chief, “The preparations have been made for handing over the Kalanki underpass to the Government of Nepal after finishing a few remaining works by the third week of this month.”

Meanwhile, the work of expanding the 10.4-kilometer Koteshwor-Balkhupul-Kalanki section of the Ring Road into an eight-lane road has reached its final phase of completion. This is the first phase of the Ring Road widening project. Works on nine kilometers of this section have been completed. Whereas, the second phase of the Ring Road widening works has also been initiated. The road widening would be undertaken on the 8.5-kilometer section of the Ring Road from Kalanki to Maharajgunj, according to the Department of Roads.

We hope the Kalanki underpass would help in easing the chaotic road situation in the area and the daily commuter would not have to face hectic traffic jams.

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News Source: The Himalayan Times
Featured Image: emulyankan.com