ternet and Telecommunication Charges to increase. Image Source: NTC

Internet and Telecommunication Charges to Increase

Internet and Telecommunication Charges to increase. The internet and telecommunication facilities in the country are set to get a little more expensive from the next fiscal year starting on 17th of July due to the new charges coming into effect. Due to the provision in the budget, the internet and telecommunication charges will increase.

Nepal Telecommunication Company (NTC) and privately owned Ncell are both set to adjust their charges starting from the 14th of July. It has also been stated that the Internet Service Provider (ISP) is also likely to increase their charges by up to 14.3% starting from the new fiscal year.

The government of Nepal has decided to charge 13% Value Added Tax (VAT) for all the services of the Telecommunication and the Internet service providers. For the provision of increasing the charge up to 13%, it requires the companies to pay the taxes from their income.

The service providers are preparing to charge the additional expenses to the service seekers expenses bill.  Internet and Telecommunication charges to increase; it will put more pressure on people’s wallet. The Internet and Telephone charges will also affect the growing telecommunication and internet service industry.

The TSC increase will surely make the internet, phone call, SMS, and other telecom services more expensive and difficult to reach for some. As per the first federal budget of 2075/76, Finance minister announced to increase the income tax of internet and telecommunication services. The new income tax will be now 30 percent.


Reference: Glocal Khabar