Heritage Rebuilding Project Pulled Off | German Development Bank. Image Source: The HImalayan Times

Heritage Rebuilding Project Withdrawn | German Development Bank

German Development Bank (KfW) has withdrawn from heritage rebuilding project in Bhaktapur following a dispute whether to rebuild the earthquake-damaged temples and monuments through local users’ committee or by calling international tender.

The Bhaktapur Municipality insists that the heritage rebuilding project should be carried out through local users’ committee by utilizing local skills and knowledge. Meanwhile, KfW has a viewpoint that an international tender should be invited for the project, Heritage Rebuilding Project.

The municipality has been preparing the local builders and artisans to build earthquake-resistant structures using local skills and knowledge.

Roland Schaefer, German Ambassador to Nepal said even though the financial support from the KfW has been stopped, for the time being, the German government shall continue to support Nepal in heritage development and conservation works in Bhaktapur.

Ambassador Schaefer said Germany respected the opinion of Bhaktapur inhabitants.

Sunil Prajapati, Mayor of Bhaktapur Municipality said the Bhaktapur Municipality has been carrying out heritage conservation and development works through local participation to ensure community ownership over the heritage sites that dot the ancient town. It also ensures better work quality and cuts labour expenditure, he added.


Reference: The Kathmandu Post