Apple’s 'Hello Again' Mac Event Confirmed for October 27, 2016

Gear up! Apple’s “Hello Again” Mac Event Confirmed for October 27, 2016

Tech site ReCode had reported that Apple planned to host another event on October 27 a couple of days back. “Tops among the rumors have been reports that Apple will introduce a new MacBook Pro sporting a row of customizable touchscreen keys,” wrote ReCode.

Apple had refused to comment on the speculation but with a good track record Recode has when it comes to predicting the tech giant’s movements, Apple fanatics were waiting with bated breath. And good it is because Apple sent out media invites for a Mac-centric event that will be held on Thursday, October 27 at its Cupertino Campus. The tagline on the invite, ‘hello again’, is a clear reference to the Mac, which was originally introduced with the word “hello” in 1984. The event will be streamed live starting at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET. Per usual, Apple’s invitation doesn’t give away much, but if an endless string of speculation is true, we’ll finally finally be seeing some new Macs.

Image Credit: OS X Daily

The tagline on the invite, ‘hello again’, is a clear reference to the Mac. Image Credit: OS X Daily

In September, Apple revealed the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and Apple Watch Series 2, but didn’t mention laptops, desktops, or tablets at all. Given that its new Mac operating system, MacOS Sierra, came out last month it stands to reason Apple will offer some computers that run it.

Apple’s “Hello Again” Mac, October 27, Apple Campus, Cupertino, California, U.S.

The latest report is from Japanese site Mac Otakara, which is normally a reliable source of information from Apple’s Asian supply chain. According to the tech site, MacBook Pro is widely expected to be the star of the “Hello Again” show. The Pros haven’t seen a major overhaul in 4 years and is well overdue for one, and the company certainly seems to have a lot planned for this year’s refresh.

Both 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pros are said to be getting thinner. The design changes extend to the port options, as well. The new MacBook Pros will likely ditch all of its traditional ports in favor of USB-C connectivity. MagSafe is also getting the axe this year, as charging can be done via USB-C.

The biggest change to the design, however, will be the addition of a new OLED touch display in replace of the standard function keys at the top of the keyboard. This display is expected to provide quick action buttons for common tasks that vary depending on which app is open. Apple is said to be working with third-party app developers to ensure that a variety of software is optimized for the new touch bar at launch, as well.

Other unique features like TouchID support are also said to be on tap, as are GPUs from AMD’s “Polaris” family. Intel’s Skylake CPUs seem like the best bet for the main processor, since “Kaby Lake” chips suitable for MacBook Pros aren’t due until January at the earliest.

MacBook Pro. Image Credit: GIGA

MacBook Pro. Image Credit: GIGA

The most interesting new information is about the MacBook Air. It certainly isn’t expected to be the star of the show this year, but the lineup will receive some attention. The 13-inch model is said to get USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3, and those ports will replace all of the ports on the current Air—USB Type-A, Thunderbolt 2, and Magsafe 2. We don’t know how many of these ports the Air will get, but if the design stays more or less the same, it should at least get more than the one-ported MacBook. The 11-inch Air, which currently serves as Apple’s entry-level laptop, has been reported to be discontinued so as to direct its attention to the 12- and 13-inch MacBook Air.

MacBook Air. Image Credit: TechRadar

MacBook Air. Image Credit: TechRadar

Much like the MacBook Air, the iMac isn’t expected to receive a major overhaul this year, though Apple is planning some under-the-hood changes to keep it somewhat up to date. The biggest change will come to the graphics performance. Apple is said to be planning new options for GPUs from AMD, while other under-the-hood specs will likely also be bumped up. Design and screen specifications are expected to remain the same. The addition of USB-C is also possible.

iMac. Image Credit: Apple

iMac. Image Credit: Apple

It’s safe to assume that the MacBook Pro will be the star of Apple’s October ‘Hello Again’ event this year, and rightfully so. It is due for its upgrades and it sounds as if Apple has quite a bit planned. We’ll keep our ear to the ground, and if Apple actually does refresh its Mac lineup later this month, we’ll bring you all the details as we get them.

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