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5 Ways Playing Cards Can be Beneficial to You

Playing cards is a form of pastime very popular since the early ages that is prevalent till today. There exist a huge number of ways to play card games. They may range from the classics like poker and solitaire to collectible card games featuring thousands of different deck types. Aces, Jacks, Kings and Queens, these royals can do a lot more for you than just helping you spend that leisure hour or two.

Although the act of playing cards have collected quite a bit of a negative reputation in Nepal owing to the large amounts of money lost as bets in the games, there are quite a lot of benefits one can actually gain from it. Card playing has been proven through studies to improve the mental health and social well-being of the players. Read on to know the benefits of an act as simple as playing with a deck of cards.

playing cards

Social Interaction

Most card games require multiple players. The games act as a reason for people to have a social interaction. Players can engage in a little friendly competition while taking a break from the online social media and engage in an actual intimate networking with friends and family.

IQ Anyone?

Some card games require a lot of strategizing moves along with statistics and probability analysis. All of that in quite a short span of time. Therefore, the players can engage their intellect while looking for new ways to win. You get to sharpen your intelligence while having fun with your friends at the same time. The card games have differing levels of difficulty and players get a chance to gradually increase the difficulty levels as they become more adept at the calculations.

Concentration & Observation

When you play cards, you need to be able to read the minds and faces of your opponents. Games like poker help you become more observant of the subtle changes of human expression. Playing cards helps you develop a more keen sense of observation. You develop your concentration skills as well, as you have to be careful of your opponents’ moves all throughout the game.


Although card games rely more on short term memory skills, they have also been shown to help improve long term memory skills. It is the boredom of routine tasks that lead to stagnant brain. You can use the variety of exciting games to get out of the boring routine and give your brain a fresh new challenge. New mental challenges keep your mind sharp and active.

Physical benefits

Even though the physical benefits aren’t very much, there do exist a few. Playing cards can help improve your hand-eye coordination. Also, shuffling and dealing cards can help you to quicken your reflexes. The changes may be subtle but mean a lot to those who are actually dealing with problems in their co-ordination and reflexes.

In conclusion, playing card games is a fun and easy way to pass your time while enjoying with your friends and family. It requires a minimal space and can be played anywhere you wish to. Playing card games is very popular especially during this time of the year in our country. Just removing the betting of money from the scenario completely removes the negative aspect of the games. So, there should be no reason to downgrade the fun act of enjoying a fine game of cards. Just play responsibly and enjoy the games as being fun and beneficial rather than rooting for money.

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