Industrial expo 2017 stalls

Government to Start 100,000 Cottage Industries across the Country

Minister for Industry Nabindra Raj Joshi on Tuesday said the exodus of youths to overseas in search of employment can be controlled by encouraging them to start small and cottage industries in the country.

Speaking at the 28th National Industrial Expo on Tuesday, Minister Joshi said youths would not have to travel to the foreign lands after a decade as our Government will be establishing many small and cottage industries across the country.

He said, “Cottage and small industries can make women in rural areas financially independent. Once women become financially independent, our society will become economically stronger.” He further said the government announced a program to register 100,000 new small and cottage industries across the country within 50 days. He also said that the program was announced targeting to provide employment among the youths and women living in different parts of the country.

Minister Joshi said, “The program will encourage youths to establish industries in our own country instead of leaving for greener pastures abroad. Involvement of youths can work wonders on our economy. We won’t have the shortage of raw materials. Similarly, market won’t be a problem for us as we have two economic giants as our neighbors.”

The expo on 23rd of Feb was organized by Cottage and Small Industries Development Board with the objective of promoting small and cottage industries. According to the board, the expo saw participation of 305 entrepreneurs from 73 districts.

Around 300 stalls showcased Dhaka fabric products, herbal products, leather products, woolen products and handicrafts, handmade paper, bamboo products during the industrial expo. Exhibitors said the expo helped them to promote their businesses and are very happy to be a part of the event.

According to the organizers of the event, there were around 320,000 visitors and recorded the transaction worth Rs 50 million.