#FreePranesh meme NEPAL vs Bir Bikram 2

#FreePranesh meme NEPAL vs Bir Bikram 2

A comedian is behind the bars for something so stupid and irrelevant. Milan Chams, the director of Bir Bikram 2 movie has filed a case against a comedian for criticizing his movie and the actors in it. In reaction to his actions, a protest was held yesterday by the youths in the streets of Kathmandu. They demanded the freedom of Pranesh Gautam, the comedian behind bars. #FreePranesh

Nepal’s fastest growing humor portal, meme NEPAL recently launched the ‘meme NEPAL Videos’ channel on YouTube and started rolling out the contents. Being a huge fan of memes that I am, I must say they are really good at what they do, i.e. being savage and sarcastically funny. However, in the latest movie review of Bir Bikram 2, Pranesh said a few things in a little way to sarcastic tone, which not everyone would like and probably understand. The disclaimer on the video clearly mentioned that it was for entertainment purpose and nothing else. But, the director of that movie got so offended that he filed a case of “CYBER CRIME” against Pranesh.

According to some of the Facebook posts and many humorists, things have come out that the director is using his power and position against the meme page. Pranesh has been in the police custody since Friday.

On Wednesday, protestors walked from Pulchowk to Maitighar Mandala with their mouths taped, demanding for the freedom of Pranesh. Those who didn’t or couldn’t be a part of the protest showed their support via numerous social media platforms. #FreePranesh was trending on Nepali Twitter yesterday.

meme NEPAL protest

Youth Protesting against Bir Bikram 2

In the latest press meet on Wednesday, director Milan Chams said that the only reason why he filed the case against meme NEPAL was to “teach them a lesson” and not to torture any soul. He also said that he’s never intended to misuse his powers and hurt anyone.

According to Aadarsh Mishra from meme NEPAL, “We were ready to negotiate, and even shut down our brand meme NEPAL for Pranesh’s release, but the filmmaker and his team refused to hear us out.”  This clearly proves that Chams is on a whole another level when it comes to teaching someone a life lesson.

The whole internet is heating up on this matter and most youths are supporting the meme page including comedians around the globe.

No matter what Pranesh said in that movie review video, it was nowhere near threatening anyone or attacking anyone personally. He’s from a humor portal and with a correct disclaimer at the beginning of the video, I don’t see any reason to put him in handcuffs. Yes, I do agree that sometimes meme NEPAL posts stuff that’s way too hard to digest, but at the end of the day, it is a humor portal and we should not take everything to our hearts. Let’s all laugh at the memes, it’s not necessary that we get offended and react in such a harsh way.

What do you guys think on this matter? Whom do you support? meme NEPAL or Bir Bikram 2?


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