Most Annoying Office Habits

Random Rants: Most Annoying Office Habits. CAN YOU NOT?

The office environment should be somewhere we can work in peace, not gossip and annoy our coworkers. Now, if you’re someone who’s unknowingly or knowingly disturbing the whole office environment, your coworkers might not say it but believe me, they want you out. There are many (like seriously, way too many) annoying office habits that you might not be aware of and might be doing one. Don’t worry! I will list out some of the most annoying office habits one could do and you, my readers, need to analyze if you’re doing one and try not to do them again. So, let’s jump into the article.

 Annoying Office Habits 

From that one colleague who complains about everything, to the culprit who thinks it is “OK” to help themselves to your lunch – I present you some of the most annoying office habits.

Excessive Gossiping and Whispering

Can you not

Ok, we get it, you guys are friends! But does this mean you need to gossip and whisper in each other’s ears all the time? Hello? We are here too. And…we can hear you. The office is first and foremost a place to get work done and your coworkers can get annoyed if you spend too much time talking unnecessarily on completely unrelatable stuff. It might sound interesting to you and that one coworker who adores you, but not the whole office. We are here to work, not to listen to how drunk you were at the party or what your neighbor did. Ok, I am not trying to be harsh on anyone, but if someone’s not interested then, I think you should stop. You can tell your favorite colleague about that hilarious story during lunch time or breaks.

Oh and also, this point includes listening to music loudly, singing, and whistling along.

Being Sarcastic

Did you pass a very nasty comment your coworker? And you think you have won the conversation? NO. All you did was grew hatred for yourself. You might think you were so savage and you hold the upper hand. But you’re just making yourself look like a clown. Now everyone in the office hates you and will talk every time they get. Live with that!

Talking on the Speakerphone

can you hear me

This doesn’t necessarily have to be annoying, the network might not be good. But, if the network’s poor and you need to put your phone on hands-free mode, why don’t you go somewhere alone and talk? You don’t have to stay inside the office and yell, “HELLO? CAN YOU HEAR ME?” No Sir, they can’t, but your coworkers can. It is not appropriate to talk about your personal matter on the phone in front of your colleagues, no matter if it is not on hands-free. You can take a walk instead to attend your call.

Too much cologne or deodorant

why are you the way that you are

How many of you know about the “Smelly Cat” by Phoebe? If you do, great! If not, feel free to give it a listen. Anyway, back on the topic, that colleague who uses too much cologne or deodorant; can you not? Or are you a smelly cat? Of course, use cologne, but don’t shower yourself with it. Your partner might love the smell of your cologne, but your coworkers probably don’t feel the same way. Focus on your personal hygiene and try not to bring your body odor to work.

Always Complaining

let's jump to conclusions

These are the kinds that are never happy with anything and are always complaining. These are the ones that try to manipulate situations to make themselves a victim. They choose to be miserable and want everyone else to feel miserable as well by passing their unnecessary comments. If you don’t like something, first see if everyone else does not too. Don’t just jump right into complaints. I know one should feel absolutely free to provide their opinions, but it could get really annoying if you keep on complaining about each and every thing.

Invading other’s personal space

If there is something that your colleague doesn’t want to share or is not comfortable talking about, LET IT BE. Why do you need to invade other‘s personal space? If somebody does not like you touching their stuff or you trying to be extra close with them, don’t. It really is very annoying.

Showing your Passionate Affection on your Favorite Coworker

Oh! Do you have that one coworker that you absolutely adore? Good. Keep the love and affection between you two. It is not necessary to keep bragging about how good they are and how much you admire them. It might should nice once, twice, or even thrice; but not always. It’s irritating!

Agreeing with the boss, no matter what

you are right

These are the kinds that I personally think are the worst ones. They constantly agree with their bosses no matter what they say. I know they’re your boss and you need to respect them. But respecting them and agreeing with them no matter what is different, and we must know that. Whatever your boss says, you need to be considerate about that and respect their decision. But if there is something that’s bothering you or you want to share your own opinion, YOU CAN. And you should. Respect your boss but respect yourself too.

Taking out Grudges on CoWorkers


These ones are the most no-no ones. They will remember every tiny thing that made them unhappy and will eventually take it out on coworkers. This is a very bad thing to do. No matter what the situation is, how worse it gets, one should know that office is a professional field and one should act professionally. Don’t take out grudges on your coworkers. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then just work and leave, but never ever be the bad guy no one wants to see in the office.

So, these were some of the most annoying office habits that I compiled. Do you want to share one too? Feel free to use the comments section.


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