Signs of Toxic Workplace

Signs of a Toxic Workplace. Are you working in one?

The office is said to be like our second home, well, is it really though? We spend the majority of our waking hours at the office and our co-workers play a huge role in our life since we have to spend most of our time with them. But are you happy with your second home? If you’re not, it can affect your personal life as well, be it mentally or physically. A toxic workplace can damage you from the inside out, from your self-esteem to your friendships. Working in a dysfunctional office can slowly lead you to many health issues like fatigue, job burnout, and depression. So how do we know if we are working in a toxic workplace? Well, I am going to give you a few signs of a toxic workplace today and we might then know if we work in a dysfunctional office.

Signs of a Toxic Workplace

Poor Communication

Poor Communication can mean you’re left out in the conversation. A pervasive lack of communication characterizes most toxic workplaces. It could even be related to your work and performance review; you might not get any feedback regarding your performance at work. Toxic coworkers will even try to silence you down because they don’t want you to contribute ideas that may get you noticed instead of them. We should all stay away from this type of coworkers.

Unmanaged Reigns

Unmanaged reigns mean your office is chaotic; everyone has their own point of view and nobody is ready for a harmonic conclusion. Toxic workplaces are full of confusion, arbitrary deadlines, and lack of focus. If there are new policies and rules constantly getting added with no management at all, then it is a definite sign that you are working in a toxic workplace.

Others take credit for your accomplishment

You may be doing the work of two people, yet it’s not unusual for your boss, managers or colleagues to take credit for your accomplishments.  And despite you knowing that you don’t get credit, you still stay silent thinking speaking out could get you in trouble. In other cases, if you talk with your team about it and still see no changes, it may be time you seek another healthy workplace for you as it is absolutely clear that they do not value you.

Unfair compensation

Another sign of a toxic workplace is unfair compensation. You are not being fairly compensated for the hard work you put in on behalf of your boss. Your paychecks are what you work for and what motivates to keep going. So, if you’re not being paid well for what you do at work, you need to raise your voice for fair compensation.

Office Drama

The point solely refers to toxic cliquey coworkers that are constantly gossiping about other coworkers. These type of employees turn a friendly workplace competition into dog-eat-dog. It can be really unhealthy for a company to nourish. Office dramas include nonsense rumors, gossips, misunderstanding, and favoritism.


Bullying is a really sensitive case no matter at the workplace or anywhere else. It can damage a person in a long-run. It can be either physical or mental pressure. At the workplace, it is usually mental bullying by mocking, taunting, or ragging. Workplace bullying should not be allowed and it is our responsibility that we should never make others feel small, bullied or helpless.

Finally, we’ve come to an end of our signs of a toxic workplace list. None of these signs should be acceptable in any office. We should all find healthy ways to manage work difficulties instead of making situations worse by our toxic behaviors. The first step to detoxifying is recognizing and becoming more aware of the dysfunctional patterns surrounding you. We are the change and it is us that need to respond to things in a mindful way.

Do these signs of toxic workplace sound familiar? Have you ever been to any toxic workplace? Let us know!