workplace bullying

Workplace Bullying.

Workplace bullying is when you get mistreated at work causing physical or emotional harm. Hearing the word “bully” we instantly think about physical harm. But what’s worse is when you get bullied emotionally and it tears you up just only thinking about the work tomorrow. This kind of bullying is horrible and it breaks down a person to their core. Handling a bully at work is one thing, but if you’re being bullied by their whole gang, you need to speak up and stand for yourself. If you’re not wrong, not doing or saying any bad to others and still they are after you, then that’s bullying. When you have to think 100 times before speaking thinking they might get it wrong and say something insulting or make fun of you, having that fear is a sign that you’re being bullied by your coworkers.

a guy bullying his coworker

Do you Work with Bullies?

What I’ve mentioned above gives a hint about what workplace bullying is. But let’s discuss it in detail. What really is workplace bullying? In addition to above-described actions, a bully will repeatedly yell at you, insult you and will try to put you down in every way possible; be it your qualification, your work, or even your personal life. They will talk over you at the meeting, criticize you and will steal credit for your work. Bullies will constantly pick your mistakes and bring them to your attention every time they get; even during the outings. If you can relate to things I am mentioning and have someone on your mind, that’s your bully. All of these are signs that you’re being bullied at work. The signs are not limited to this, it could even be sexual harassment, playing mind games, intimidation (making you feel less important), humiliation, and more.

What happens when you get bullied at work?

a depressed and sad girl

I’ll be very straight on this. You will feel intimidated to attend meetings, you will avoid going into the lunchroom with them or hesitate attending company functions. The problem here is not that you’re shy or retiring; it is the fear of being bullied, the fear that someone will say something mean and you will have to deal it all by yourself. In the case of workplace bullying, you will do all you can to avoid social gatherings from your office. Or, you’d just decide to take more leaves and work from home.

If you are being bullied, it will also affect you in many ways. You will:

  • Be less active in work
  • Have a constant fear of your bullies
  • Be stressed and depressed
  • Be less confident in your work
  • Lack happiness about your position and work
  • Be happier in a whole another level when meetings and social gatherings get canceled
  • Have physical signs of stress like headaches, backaches, sleep problems, and more

You are not alone

If you’re a victim of workplace bullying, please know that you’re not alone. Bullies are almost in all workplaces no matter the field. According to a national survey in America, it was found that around 60 Million Americans are affected by workplace bullying. This was in America, now let’s imagine the number all around the globe. There are many who don’t even utter a word and stay a victim of bullying. If we start counting them as well, we will be very saddened by the number we get.

So, to everyone who’s being bullied at the workplace, have patience and practice personal courage. The bully won’t go away until you do something and make them go away. Don’t make yourself an easy target. I will mention some of the things you could do in case of bullying. You could:

  • Set limits to your bully and take action accordingly
  • Directly confront the bully
  • Talk about the issue with coworkers that you trust
  • No revenge game
  • Try not to overshare at work; hide things if need be
  • Go to your BOSS and talk out the issue
  • Seek professional outside help

A Message to Bullies

Bullies don’t even realize they’re bullying. They think they’re superior in every way. But, no matter how well educated or well settled you are, if you bully your coworkers, you are an educated-illiterate person who lacks respect for others. Don’t be so proud that you mocked your coworkers and made them feel small and helpless. You do not know their struggle, so give respect to everyone. While reading this article, if you saw even a glimpse of you as a bully, you need to start working on your habits and manners at work. Be nice to people, it does not cost any money.


The bullying game and torturing others does no good to anyone. It is a horrible crime and no one deserves to be a victim of bullying. If you work in the same office, respect one another and work in harmony. No work is big or small; respect coworkers and create a peaceful environment at work.

Have you faced any bullies at work? Tell us your story in the comments.