Three Highest Hiking Trails in Kathmandu

Three Highest Hiking Trails Around Kathmandu

Do you love hiking and wondering where to venture next? Well, hikers, today we are listing out the three highest hiking trails around Kathmandu that you need to hike.

If you love nature and peacetime, hiking is one of the most amazing escapes to be away from the city’s chaos and be with nature. Here in Kathmandu, I’ve seen people traveling far and beyond in search of decent hiking trails. However, many might not know that Kathmandu also boasts amazing hiking trails with breathtaking views of the valley itself. So, if you want to go for a decent hike to the highest hills in Kathmandu, have a look at the list below. No matter where you are in Kathmandu valley, these hiking trails are easily accessible and surely worth a try.

The hiking trails mentioned below are the highest ones in the valley and we’re sure those who enjoy hiking will be thrilled to hike these hills.

Three Highest Hiking Trails Around Kathmandu


The first, Phulchowki is the highest hill in the Kathmandu valley that is loved by hikers here. It is situated at the height of 2782m, which can be mind-boggling for hike-lovers. The hike starts from the Godavari and following the rich floral and fauna area along with snow-capped mountains view, you will hike till Phulchowki hill. Since it is the highest hill in the Kathmandu valley, the view sure is breathtaking and the valley looks amazingly mesmerizing from the height. Mountain ranges from Annapurna to Gauri Shankar are also visible. Along with these, another great attraction is the Botanical Garden that includes rare species of birds, orchids, butterflies, and more.


The second-highest hike to go for in Kathmandu is Shivapuri Hike. Situated at 2732m height, Shivapuri is one of the popular and favored hikes among hikers. Mainly, the sight from the top of the hill after at least 5 hours of the hike is totally worth it. The view is truly one in a million. Shivapuri National Park and conservation area, Budhanilkantha temple, and Nagi Gompa are some of the attractions in Shivapuri.


Champadevi hike is the third highest hill in the Kathmandu area and is quite famous among trekkers. It is 2278m in height and covers around 20 kilometers of distance. The Champadevi hike takes you through a dense pine forest along with stunning views of the surrounding. After around 4.5 hours of hiking through the pine forest and hills, you will reach a quaint monastery at the end of Champadevi hill. This hike is the shortest among the ones mentioned today in our list of the three highest hiking trails around Kathmandu. However, do not underestimate it; it is one of the popular hikes for a reason and we’re sure it’s worthy of all the hype in the town. The main attraction throughout your Champadevi hike are Stupas, Shrines, Monastery, Pine Forests, and Mountain views like Langtang and Annapurna.

So, these were the three highest hiking trails in Kathmandu that are worth a visit. As mentioned above, all of these three hills are situated around Kathmandu and are easily accessible from anywhere in and around Kathmandu. We hope you liked the list and will give each hike a go.

Do you know any other hike that you’d like to share with us? Feel free to use the comments section below.