Undecided About E-commerce We Give You 7 Reasons to Give it a Try

Undecided About E-commerce? We Give You 7 Reasons to Give it a Try!

Shopping is so easy nowadays. You don’t necessarily have to go out in the market and be confused about what you need/want to buy. It is all becuase of the e-commerce industry. Online shopping has become so popular these days, especially among the youths. People can buy almost everything online and that is why the e-commerce industry is loved by so many. It has made life so much simpler and all at the comfort of your home.

E-commerce has expanded rapidly over the past few years in Nepal. A lot of online shopping portals have been launched. However, many people still go street shopping here in Nepal not knowing the fact that you can actually buy a plethora of day-to-day essentials online from your own house (not that street shopping is bad or something). We’ve also done a post on the best online shopping websites in Nepal. If you are new at online shopping or are hot and cold about whether to shop online or not, you are in the right place to get inspired for online shopping. We are here to help. Here we give you 7 reasons why one should give online shopping a go.

7 Reasons to Try E-Commerce  

Easy and Convenient

easy online shopping

Easy Online Shopping. Credit: ckp.in.ua

Shopping is an easy task with the e-commerce stores. You just have to sit in front of your digital device (with the internet, of course), and the world will be at your disposal. There are thousands and thousands of e-commerce websites available right at your hand that will be providing you with the products you desire to have in only a matter of minutes. You would not have to bother stepping out of your home and stressing over what to buy.

Saves Time

Save Time.

Save Time. Image Credit: BPD Advertising

What can be more important than time in today’s world, right? Everyone is so busy in their business in this day and age that they barely get time to go out shopping. E-Commerce saves a lot of time for those who don’t actually have time to go out and shop. The products you wish to have are just one click away from you.

More Information

More Information.

More Information. Image Credit: http://marketingsucces.com/

You do not have to worry about the incomplete information while shopping online. Almost all sellers in the e-commerce industry provide all of the essential information about the available product. It makes it easier for the customers to choose the right products and services.

A wide range of goods and services

A wide range of goods and services. Credit: Direct Pay Online

A wide range of goods and services. Credit: Direct Pay Online

There is an advantage of selection in online shopping. E-commerce has a huge number of goods and services available to you. You can choose your product from whichever website you want to. Isn’t that great? With the wide range of goods and services available at your doorstep, you can get whatever you wish to buy with only a little effort.

International Reach

Shipping Worldwide. Credit: Wallhogs

Shipping Worldwide. Credit: Wallhogs

There are no theoretical geographic limitations in the e-Commerce industry. People can buy and sell products across the world by just a click of the mouse. You do not have to worry if the product is not available in your country. You can get it from anywhere around the world.

Direct and Easy Communication

direct and easy communication.

Direct and Easy Communication. Image Credit: Climate Communication

Communication between the buyer and seller can be done through emails, live chats, telephone or a blog in the e-commerce industry. Customers get to communicate directly with the manufacturer of the product if need be. It builds trust in doing the business. Loyal customers are also generated through great communication skills.

Easy Payments

easy payment.

Easy Payments. Image Credit: http://images.casinorelease.com/

Payments are done mostly through credit cards while shopping online. Unfortunately, some companies don’t have online payment services but don’t worry! They have the facility of “Cash On Delivery”, which I personally think is a great way of payment. People who don’t actually have credit cards or bank accounts can also buy stuff online.

E-commerce is a new trend in Nepal and it is here to stay! It brings easiness and comfort in our life. We hope these reasons have given you the inspiration to go for online shopping if you haven’t already.

If you have anything to add or share, feel free to use the comments section below.