Amazing Strategies to be Safe and Secure on the Internet

Everyone loves surfing the internet. The internet has become the first port of call for information of any kind and a vital part of our everyday life. But are we using our internet safely? Do we even know if we are being a victim of internet crime? No, right? Don’t worry, we will give you some amazing strategies to be safe and secure on the internet. With these tricks applied, you will not have to be a victim of internet thugs.

Choose Strong Passwords

Strong Passwords. Image Credit: tecmundo

Strong Passwords. Image Credit: tecmundo

The first thing we do on the internet is logging-in to our online accounts.  Many people use simple passwords so that they can remember it, such as their own name, family name, date of birth, etc. Well, if you are one of these people, then it’s time to amend your password. No matter what website you’re trying to log in to, your password should not be easy to guess by your friends or by anyone else. Try to use the mix of numbers and letters to create a better and strong password. Choosing strong passwords is among your first strategies to be safe and secure on the internet.

Be aware while agreeing to the terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions. Image Credit: beLine

Terms and Conditions. Image Credit: beLine

“I Agree”. We click on this option without even reading the terms and conditions. Either it is for a new social media account or any banking process or any other website where we are new. We are asked to agree to a listed set of “Terms and Conditions”.  But do we even read all those listed agreements? The answer is no. Reading that long list is just too boring. And a click on “I Agree” is easier. But let’s be mindful while clicking that button, that way we will know what kind of website we are going to deal with.

Be alert about the suspicious emails

Suspicious Emails. Image Credit: CBS News

Suspicious Emails. Image Credit: CBS News

Most of the people know about online fraud activities but still, fall prey to those fusses.  Many online frauds begin with suspicious emails. If you receive emails from a completely different address or a free email address, think thoroughly before clicking on it or giving any information about you.

Do not open doubtful email attachments

Scam Email Attachments.

Scam Email Attachments. Image Credit:

You get an email from a suspicious account and it has attachments? Do not open it without any confirmation. Clicking on the unknown attachments could help hackers access your personal information. So, one of the useful strategies to be safe and secure on the internet, think before opening any doubtful attachments.

Don’t give out your personal information to strangers

Stranger Danger. Image Credit:

Internet is a place where strangers become friends. It’s a great platform to be close to people living across the world. But it could be life-ruining if you share your personal information with the wrong people. If you are willing to share your personal details with a stranger or if someone strange is trying to know you personally, then make sure you have all the details about them first. You can go through their profiles, or look them up on Google. This can prevent you from being a victim of cyberbullying.

Download files from trusted sources only

Download Safely. Image Credit: Avoid Copyright Notices

Download Safely. Image Credit: Avoid Copyright Notices

When downloading files or any software, download it from sites that have been verified by trusted sources only. There are so many websites that want you to download their files/software to get your details. Be smart and only download files from verified websites.

That’s all we have for this list. We hope these strategies to be safe and secure on the internet help you. If you have any other ideas, feel free to add them in the comments section below.

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