Water Atm of Nepal launched in Lalitpur

Water ATM – The First of Its Kind in Lalitpur

The Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City has come up with a new campaign to provide pure drinking water to the citizens of Lalitpur. The officials, yesterday, launched Water ATM in Lalitpur.

Those who’re not familiar with Water ATM, it is like a normal ATM but it will provide drinking water instead of money. You will have to pay a certain amount of money and you can enjoy the safe drinking water from the machine.  

The Water ATM in Lalitpur has been named as Padhero. You can either pay NPR. 2 for 200ml water or NPR. 10 for 1l at a time. You can insert a two-rupee coin or also create a separate ATM card for easy payment.

Dr. Sanjeev Bikram Rana, KUKL Executive Director said that the Water ATM facility was the first of its kind in the country. Further on this subject, he said that a plan is in progress to initiate the facility in 20 other places around the valley.

Beena Magar, Minister of Water Supply inaugurated this latest technology installed at the active initiative of the Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited (KUKL).

Minister Magar said that she’s very much confident that this new campaign of Water ATM would turn out to be very helpful for people. She also directed the KUKL to pay attention to the quality of the water that would be dispensed by such machines.

The facility was inaugurated just yesterday and the campaign is witnessing both positive and negative comments on the internet. Many people are complaining about how Nepal is known as the second richest country in water resource and yet they have to pay for it. Whereas, many people are also very happy that the officials have provided the facility in just NPR. 2, which is quite affordable.

What do you think about the newly introduced Water ATM in Lalitpur? Would you also like to see it in your area?