7 Tricks to Combat Boredom

7 Tricks to Combat Boredom – Healthy Habits

Boredom. We all feel it at times. We feel bored when we are slowly making our way through a project at work. We feel bored when we are attending a lecture at the college. We feel bored doing…well, most of the things. All in all, we feel bored while doing something we don’t want to do or doing a same thing for a long time, like scrolling through our Facebook news feed. So, how can we fix this? There are so many ways you can combat boredom and do something with a fresher mind. I have listed some of the tricks you can use to combat boredom. But first, let’s learn a little about boredom.

Boredom and How It Creeps In

bored and sleepy

When your life becomes a routine, it can be hard to feel any excitement in it. The things you did today, if you’re going to do the same things all over again tomorrow, this is when boredom creeps into your life and takes away all the excitement. Maybe, that’s a part of being an adult. But it doesn’t mean your life should be that way. You can always enjoy no matter what age you are, you need to crave a little action in your life. Boredom is such a common issue for the human race that scientists have actually started studying it.

Sure it does sound like a really minor issue to suffer from boredom. But it turns out boredom can lead to some serious problems. If boredom becomes a chronic condition, it actually will start developing drug problems, gambling addictions, and even binge eating. Not only can boredom feel miserable, but experts say bored people may be at risk for an earlier death. If that’s not scary enough, chronic boredom can also lead to anxiety, depression, anger, lack of interpersonal skills, weight gain, and much more.

The only key seems to be attention and awareness. Studies suggest we get bored when we have difficulty paying attention. And now that you know how dangerous boredom can be, here are 7 tricks you can use to combat boredom and improve your mood and health.

7 Tricks to Combat Boredom



It might sound really simple, but our brains need to be challenged if you want to combat boredom. Our brains need to be stimulated and active in order to stay healthy. So, put together a puzzle, read a book or watch an interesting documentary. And if you’re bored at work, try shifting your focus to something like your calendar and tasks you want to accomplish in a short term. Just don’t let your mind be lousy; think and keep your mind busy.

Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself

If your friends want you to go to an event with them, go. This doesn’t mean you always have to say yes to them, but say yes to attend things you might normally say no to. Stepping outside of your comfort zone can help you combat boredom. And who knows you might even have the best time of your life. Attempting such moves can not only make you do something actively but also you will be hyper-aware of the new experiences.

Avoid Boring People

Avoid boring people

Now it might sound a little offensive but it had to be said. If you’re around people who make you yawn and lead your mind to wander, it might be the time to switch your surroundings. I am not telling you to drop your friends for newer, exciting versions, but it is a push to expand your focus. Try talking with strangers more frequently too. You never know when it could lead to a new exciting adventure.

Try something new. A new recipe maybe?

Try a new recipe

If you’re at home and cannot find anything to do, you’re probably feeling bored. In this instance, try finding a new recipe and cooking a meal you’ve never made before. Even if you’re not into cooking, trying new things sure does help combat boredom. So next time you’re home alone and feeling bored, instead of sitting and watching T.V., try experimenting new things.

Decorate Your Room

Decorate your room

Whenever you sit around in one room for too long, you observe your surroundings and realize how you can make the room look better. If you’re trying to overcome boredom and have some time on your hands, go for it! Just get up and start rearranging the boring décor.



You can use the time you’re trying to kill by doing something good for your physical and mental health. This can be anything from taking a walk to sweating it out at the gym. Either way, your body is having fun.

Take a Brain Break

Take a brain break

If you’re at work and realize your mind is wandering and you are not being able to focus, take a brain break to combat boredom. Pull up a silly YouTube video or two and allow yourself to laugh for some time. This is the best way you can instantly get your focus back. However, don’t get too carried away entertaining your brain while working.

There you go, 7 tricks to combat boredom. Next time you find yourself spacing out or feeling miserable because you have nothing to do, just try some of these tricks and see the difference it can make in terms of your overall well-being. Everyone feels bored, but don’t let it take away the excitement in your life.

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