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5 Cool Photography Ideas to Try at Home

We all love taking pictures, don’t we? If you’re bored and don’t have much to do, why not try out some cool photography tricks at home? It is always a better idea to try something new. Trying new photography techniques is the best way you can use your spare time while also learning new skills. So, today, we bring you the list of 5 cool photography ideas to try at home.

Food Photography:

Food Photography.

Food Photography.

The first photography technique you can do at home is Food Photography. If you’re home alone and cook or order some food, and it looks delicious, you might want to keep it as a memory, won’t you? Well, why not take a picture of it then. This is really easy because getting cool photos don’t need much equipment. You can take pictures of pretty much anything as long as it looks great and appetizing. All you really need is a camera, some food preferably, a light source (natural light would be great; like a big window) and plain white paper as a fill. Also, you can use a bit of a flash to enhance your picture. Now all you got to do is put your food in front of the window and use a piece of plain white paper to fill the shadow side and there you go. That’s how simple that is.

Product Photography:

Product photography. Image Credit: Vimeo

Product photography. Image Credit: Vimeo

The next would be Product Photography. I’m sure everyone has seen some really cool photos of many different “things”. It doesn’t really matter what product it is, anything you’ve got lying around the house, you can take pictures of them. It could be a bottle of perfume, a branded watch (or a non-branded one), literally anything. It’s a really cool idea especially when the weather is bad outside and you’re running short on ideas of what to do with boredom. Doing some product photography is a perfect way to start learning something new in your photography.

Interior Photography:

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

If you’re stuck indoors, why not take a picture of the room you’re in? It sounds a bit obvious but it could be a good photography technique to try out. What you need in this photography is a tripod, turn on as many lights as possible, keep an eye on the straight lines (convergence) or the edges of the wall. You can use a shutter release or use the 2-second timer to avoid the camera shake. If you use these ideas, you can take some really cool interior shots. Give it a try and I’m sure you might like it.

Portrait Photography:

Portrait Photography - one of the cool photography ideas to try at home. Image Credit: 500px ISO

Portrait Photography. Image Credit: 500px ISO

If you’re stuck at home and you don’t have a subject, why not try it on yourself? Also, you can start taking pictures of your siblings, your partner, or whoever you are comfortable with. You can get some really cool effects and practice different lights and angles, that too without any expensive equipment. You can get your subject near a nice big window and get some beautiful soft light. Practice your pose and start to get more confident with this side of photography.  And if you don’t have any people around you, why not try it with your pets or someone else’s pet if you don’t have yours. It’s interesting and you can share it on your social media as well. You can try it with anyone you’re with. So go, grab your camera and start the Click-Click.

Nature photography (if you have a garden):

Nature Photography - one of the cool photography ideas to try at home. Image Credit: pinterest

Nature Photography. Image Credit: pinterest

If you’ve got a garden, you could go outside and start taking a few pictures. We all love nature, don’t we? Capturing those moments in nature is a great way to relax. So you can start taking pictures of birds, squirrels, or even an insect in your garden. But make sure you don’t hurt anyone, not even an ant, trying to take the perfect shot.

And these were the 5 cool photography ideas you can do at home. So from now on, if the weather outside is absolutely horrible or you’re home alone with nothing to do, you can try these and improve your photography skills. Make sure you try out all these right away.

Have more ideas? Let us know your favorite cool photography ideas in the comments section below.