Rise and Shine.

10 Morning Habits to Help You Boost Your Day

Are you a morning person or a night owl? If you’re a night owl,  then maybe it’s time you change into a morning person. Morning people tend to be more productive and less stressed in comparison to the night owls. Your willpower is the strongest in the morning before exhaustion and other priorities come in your way. Creating a morning routine and sticking with it, keeps you healthy and help you think better throughout the whole day. So, without any further ado, let’s check out these 10 morning habits to help you boost your day.

Wake up Early

A man trying to wake up early.

Wake Up Early. Image Credit: Revita

Waking up a bit early means a little extra time with yourself. How early? It’s entirely up to you. But you should leave yourself with at least an hour of peaceful time before things get hectic. Getting up earlier is going to take a little more time to adjust, but once you get used to it, you will never look back. I know waking up before your usual time is quite difficult, but we have to be productive throughout the day, right? So, why not try waking up ten minutes earlier than usual? Trust me, waking up ten minutes earlier does not affect your sweet sleep. Not only will you have more control in your early hours, you will also have more opportunities to do things that actually matter to you.

Be Positive

Be Positive Quote

Positive thoughts in the morning.

Think about all the positive things in your life that are important to you and don’t forget to be grateful to have a whole new day. Your mind is the most vulnerable at morning time, and whatever you think in the morning is going to be there in your mind for the whole day. Don’t let the negative thoughts get into your mind if you want to have a decent day because it’s going to affect the rest of your day. So, dedicate your day to love and kindness, keep the negative thoughts away from your mind and let the positive thoughts guide you to a pleasant day ahead.

Avoid Social Media

A girl avoiding social media.

Image Credit: keepitsimple

This is a little tough one. We all check our social media accounts right before getting up from the bed and we can’t deny that. We all do, right? So, why do I have this point on my list? It’s because many people wake up and use their social media account till it’s time to actually get up and run for work. Well, that is not a really good habit to have. You cannot just waste your special morning hours by lying on the bed and scrolling through your newsfeed. If you want to have a peaceful mind that will help you to have a better day, then you got to stop scrolling and start doing some productive stuff.

Read or Listen to Some Motivational and Inspiring Anecdotes/Blogs

An inspirational quote by Leonardo Dicaprio.

Read Inspiring Quotes. Image Credit: Success Stories

Waking up early and listening to some motivational speech guides your mind to the positive direction. You can spend at least ten to fifteen minutes listening to inspirational anecdotes and motivational quotes in the morning time. This inspires you to have positive thoughts with you for the entire day.


A picture of a girl jogging.

Exercise in the morning. Image Credit: Quotesgram

Staying physically fit is really necessary to keep up with your daily routine. A little regular physical exercise can help you be more productive throughout the day. You can do simple physical exercises to kick off your morning like stretching, running, climbing stairs, pushups/pull ups etc. As for the starters, you can start exercising for about like half an hour or so. You can increase your exercising time once you get used to it. Even a little exercise in the morning time can help you stay active for the rest of your day.


A person doing yoga at home.

Meditation at home. Image Credit: Trets

Meditating is all about focusing on the positive energy and letting all the stress out of your mind and body. Studies have proven, meditation in the morning can help you be more creative, have better focus, be stress free and help you improve your memory. Let all the negativity run out of you in this process. You can meditate for hours, but for beginners, you can start meditating for a few minutes and as you get along with it, you can increase the length of time as long as you want. This will help you to stay focused at work and have better relationships with everyone.

Have a Healthy Breakfast

A healthy breakfast.

Healthy Breakfast. Image Credit: Nutrition Secrets

Finally, food. After all of those stretching and meditating, everyone deserves a decent breakfast. But don’t be so happy, it’s not those junk foods that I am talking about. If you don’t want all your hard work to be ruined, you have to avoid the oily and unhealthy meals at morning time. Have a bowl of yummy oatmeal or traditional favorite Rotis with eggs or milk and fuel your body for the tasks that lay ahead of you. Having a healthy breakfast helps you maintain a steady focus throughout the day.

Watch Your Appearance

A well dressed up man.

Take care of your appearance. Image Credit: Google+

Finally, it’s time for you to leave for your work. What is the first thing people see in you when you show up? It’s how you look. You don’t want people to pass negative comments about your appearance, do you? So, don’t forget to take care of your appearance before you step out of that door. It doesn’t mean you have to wear expensive dresses and loads of makeup. You can wear anything simple and comfortable, but make sure it suits you and your personality and is clean. To have a better day, you got to look better.

So, there you go, 10 morning habits to boost your day. These morning habits will surely make your day much less stressful and will help you keep up with all your work.

Do you follow a particular morning routine? Does it include the above habits? If so, feel free to tell us about it in the comments section below.