F1soft acquired BhantbhanteniOnline.com, re-launches as eSewaPasal.com. Image Source: himalayan times

F1soft acquires BhantbhanteniOnline.com, re-launches it as eSewaPasal.com

‘F1soft acquires BhantbhanteniOnline.com, re-launches it as eSewaPasal.com.’ BhatBhateniOnline.com, an online entity, has been acquired by F1soft International. The acquirement was announced amidst the program that was held in Kathmandu. According to a statement by F1Soft International, the acquired website, will be operated under the new name, eSewaPasal.com.

F1soft International is Nepal’s leading FinTech Company providing services to more than 90% of the banks and financial institutions in the country. It was established in 2004; the company develops software solutions aimed at simplifying the access and use of financial services by individuals and organizations.

Biswas Dhakal, Chairman of F1Soft International says, “The acquisition is based on our intent to make online shopping accessible, affordable and convenient for people living in Nepal. We have decided to operate it as eSewaPasal.com to as people can instantly connect with the popular eSewa brand.” “Our technical expertise shall also play a vital role in making eSewaPasal a robust and secure website,” he added.

Manish Shrestha, CEO of eSewaPasal.com, said that being associated with F1Soft presents the opportunity to create a huge impact in the online shopping business. “The future is digital and the wave of online shopping will hit Nepal very soon. Our association with F1Soft gives us the resources to maximize this opportunity. Our aim is to change the landscape of online shopping in Nepal in the next few years,” he said.

As per Shrestha, eSewaPasal.com has also come up with a variety of attractive offers and discounts on a wide range of products. In addition, the company also offers free delivery within 24 hours of order.


Reference: F1soft International