The End of MS Paint in Windows 10 Fall Creator Update

The End of MS Paint in Windows 10 Fall Creator Update

Microsoft yesterday announced the features and functionalities that are going to be removed or deprecated from the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update in a blog post and the list included MS Paint as well.

MS Paint, a simple computer graphics app was first introduced in 1985 and has been pre-installed on Windows devices since then.

After brushing with greatness for more than three decades, it’s the beginning of the end for MS Paint, Microsoft’s drawing software. Paint is loved worldwide for its simple tools to doodle. The software that has burned away countless childhood hours of everyone will be ceased from new updates this fall.

A new list of “Features that are removed or deprecated in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update” bears all the badness. MS Paint is in the “deprecated” column, indicating that the venerable graphics app is “not in active development.”

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Paint will be completely dropped from Windows—at least, not for now. But Microsoft cautioned it might be removed in future releases.

Newer versions of the Windows operating system include other graphics-editing programs like Paint 3D. Paint 3D is still in its developing phase and will include many of MS Paint’s features.

Microsoft has not yet offered the precise date for the release of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, but October 2017 is assumed to be when it will land.

Newer versions might get upgrades in the drawing software but none can match the nostalgic appeal of MS Paint, the granddaddy of terrible digital artwork.

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Reference: HuffPost