Mobile Marketing (Why 2017 will be year of mobile phones)

From vacuum tubes to transistors and from desktops to laptops, the world is clearly growing smaller. Desktops and laptops have dominated the whole world of the web, since the early 2000’s but it seems we might be witnessing a change in the hierarchy.

The computers are at the risk of being overrun by their small screened younger brothers: the smartphones. The reasons are quite obvious – they fit in our pockets, they dissolve with our body weights while being carried, and most importantly, they can do everything that their elder brothers do.

Mobile marketing has been growing since the past few years and is on the verge of exploding the whole marketing scene. Below are 7 good reasons as to why mobile marketing is set to rule the marketing universe.

Smartphone users are increasing

Smartphones are a great platform for mobile marketing as smartphones without internet access are also very fun to use. You can listen to music, read eBooks, call someone, use it for navigation, play games, click pictures, etc. all without the need of an internet connection on your smartphone. The rapid rise in smartphones has suggested that the smartphones are the future of mobile marketing. Nearly half of the global mobile users are likely to own a smartphone.

Computers are getting professional

Our generation has come to the point where if you spend a couple of hours staring at your laptop screen, it’s likely that people will consider you doing “professional stuffs” on a computer. Smartphones have made it pretty easier to carry out a wide range of tasks, thereby limiting only specific tasks to be done on laptops. The time that users previously used to spend on laptops, is now being replaced by mobile phones. In marketing, time means money and since the computers are running out of favor among users, investors are starting to invest heavily in mobile marketing.

Mobiles are more user-friendly

Touching a screen is surely easier than pressing keys of the keyboards. Though the older generation struggled in adjusting with the sensitivity of the mouse and track pads, the new generation is privileged with touch screens. Why drag the mouse on your table when you can easily run your fingers on the screen, right? This is one of the main reasons why mobile phones are slowly replacing the computers.

Time spent on laptops are significantly lower than on mobile phones

Imagine sleeping with a laptop under your blanket. Certainly seems awkward and tough, doesn’t it? But with mobile phones, you can sleep with them, use them while travelling or even play games on them while in the toilet. Yes, people still use their laptops for their specific purposes, but after the day has been saved, they end up spending time on mobile phones doing limitless activities or just drifting through their mobile applications.

Mobile Phones are cheaper to buy

An average laptop which serves the needs of the user costs around forty thousand rupees, for half of that price, you can easily buy a good smartphone which can serve your purpose as well as aid you in many ways. This is one of the many reasons why smartphones are gaining such popularity among the working class as well.

Mobiles have a variety of applications

Mobile phones are super fun to use and have got a wide range of applications. For every similar Windows app, there are more than 10 Android and iOS apps and guess what? You can simply download them from the Apple or Android market and not be confused with ten deceptive similar looking download links. Downloading and installing the applications in computers is pretty baffling, but it is so easy in the smartphone market that even people with a very limited knowledge of technology can just search for the application and download it.

Power of messaging cannot be underestimated

Through the evolution of the internet, everything is turning fancier. Nevertheless, one thing has managed to keep its original integrity impact and it is text messaging. Though a fading force in marketing, its impact can simply not be misjudged. Marketers’ still use text-message based marketing techniques and it still works like a charm. It’s obvious the computers do not have this service, in this regard too, the mobile phones edge over computers.

In Conclusion

The world of marketing has come through a riptide in the past half century and the marketing trends have always been changing. In this world of marketing which is full of ups and downs, marketers have learned to go with the flow and they know that mobile phones are the next big thing (We can clearly see it living up to that these days). So, the already growing mobile marketing platform is expected to only grow in reputation until something cooler is invented.

Which one are you comfortable with? Desktops and laptops or Smartphones? Let us know your thoughts through the comments section.

Reference: Lifehack