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Ujwal Thapa, A Social Activist and Co-Founder of WordPress Nepal Passes Away at 44

A Social Activist and a hero of Nepali Youth, Ujwal Thapa has passed away at the age of 44 due to multiple health complications post COVID-19. We’re terribly saddened by the demise of Ujwal Thapa. He was a true visionary whose work and life served as a powerful example to youths everywhere. Our country is at a huge loss as we’ve lost an extraordinary social activist who showed the skills of true leadership with great determination. He, not only inspired his fellow friends but also was actively involved in leading the Nepali youth to the right path. In fact, he’s provided bread and butter to those in need. His legacy will forever be remembered.

Ujwal Thapa was the Founder of Bibeksheel Nepal, a political party with a better vision for the future of the nation. The party believed that the youths needed to join politics to change the political culture of the country as old political faces were delivering nothing progressive.

Late Ujwal Thapa at WordCamp Nepal 2015

He was also a Co-Founder of the WordPress Nepal community and ran an IT company named Digital Max Solutions. By introducing a platform like WordPress to Nepal, he created unlimited job opportunities for those who’re in the IT field. Moreover, he also founded Entrepreneurs for Nepal, a Facebook group that helps different entrepreneurs to discuss ideas, provide networking opportunities, business-related boot camps, advisory and mentoring activities, and more.

Mr. Thapa was a great leader, a youth inspiration, and a social activist, who always believed in bringing change and aligning all the positive people in the same direction. There are only a few who have had such a profound impact on the future direction of humanity than Ujwal Thapa. His understanding and never-quitting attitude undoubtedly influenced the young generation of Nepal.

We were fortunate enough to know him and interview him back in WordCamp Nepal 2015. On a number of occasions and every time we stumbled upon each other, we were amazed by his strong personality and how he intends to keep pushing and keep motivating the youth.

His energy and life-long dedication to improving the lives and livelihoods of Nepali citizens will surely be remembered and inspire generations of young people.

On behalf of the whole NepalBuzz team, we express our sincere condolences to Mr. Thapa’s family and friends. His powerful voice calling for a better society with new ideas and opportunities will be missed.