Angel Maharjan

Angel Maharjan – A Blessing to the Needy!

So, as I was randomly scrolling through my TikTok feed, I came across a video; a video about a guy helping the poor and needy. Angel Maharjan, who is also known as the man with the message of sharing and caring. His kind fist bump and providing essentials to the needy are getting a lot of attention in the TikTok platform.

Angel is currently in his early thirties, lives in Kathmandu, and has a kind heart for those who’re in need. He, along with his brother has helped hundreds all around Nepal. Angel is one of the first Nepali youths who’s been able to catch many eyes with a sweet gesture of fist bump and then help the needy people.

Angel is receiving a great response in TikTok and he’s inspiring Nepali youth to help others as much as they can. His TikTok videos of this noble work are proof that even a small helping hand can brighten up someone’s day, bring a big smile, and somehow help them through. He has helped hundreds of people already and provided happiness to many.

Here’s the short story of the first video I ever saw of Mr. Angel and how it instantly caught my attention. The video was about a cobbler who was at his tiny workplace on the roadside of some bridge in Kathmandu. The cobbler was watching something on this tiny cellphone with his daughter who was around 13 years old (I assume). Seeing that the cobbler was struggling for his daily earnings, this guy, Angel Maharjan, fist-bumped him and gave him a 500- rupee note for a 60-rupee shoelace that he bought from him. Angel, then, requested the cobbler to stay happy and enjoy his day. The guy had a big smile on his face and both father and the daughter seemed utterly happy. This short TikTok video showed how even a small gesture of kindness could bring immense happiness in someone’s life. You can check out the video here.

I was so fascinated by his act of kindness and wanted to see more of his videos. As I scrolled through his profile, I came to know that he has been doing this for a long time and was helping many small street vendors and those who’re in need. I must admit I went through literally all of his videos and appreciated what he did. His kind attitude towards life and spreading happiness has truly inspired many youngsters including myself to take a step and help the needy.

For everything he has been doing, we couldn’t be thankful enough for motivating the youth; huge respect for Mr. Angel, and we really appreciate his hard work. Our country needs more inspiring personalities like Angel Maharjan to move forward in the right direction.

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