1st YALA International Independent Film Festival | YIIFF. Image Source: Facebook

1st YALA International Independent Film Festival | YIIFF

YALA International Independent Film Festival (YIIFF) is going to be held on 1st of February, 2019 at Staff College, Jawalakhel. The three-day ( 1st – 3rd February) event is an initiative of Nepal Independent Films, a non-profitable organization that represents independent film-makers in Nepal. YIIFF is the first local film festival of Lalitpur and the theme of the very first Film Festival of Nepal is “Women”.

YALA International Independent Film Festival is based in the historic and artistically rich city of Lalitpur/Patan (also known by its ancient name, Yala). The city is an open museum; the history of art, drama, music, poetry, songs, dances and storytelling is a part of the glorious history of ‘Yala’.

The main objective of YIIFF is to give a voice to the unheard independent voices from around the globe and it is a platform for independent Nepalese film-makers to showcase their talents. In addition to giving a voice to under-represented local filmmakers, the festival seeks to provide visual advocacy for the betterment of society by giving priority to films that depict an underlying message of change that targets social issues such as gender-based violence and discrimination, child labor, human trafficking, environmental advocacy, and corruption.

YALA International Independent Film Festival seeks to showcase independent films from the international arena that offer a unique flavor and a meaningful insight into the native culture. 

For more information about YIIFF, you can visit their official Facebook page or their official website. Make sure to attend and support the YALA International Independent Film Festival.