‘Who Loves Kathmandu More Than Me?’ | Maura Moynihan

Who Loves Kathmandu More Than Me? | Maura Moynihan

Internationally renowned artist Maura Moynihan’s art exhibition titled  Who Loves Kathmandu More Than Me? started from 21st of April 2018. Kathmandu Art organized the exhibition, Who Loves Kathmandu More Than Me? at the premises of Kathmandu Art, Le Sherpa in Maharjgung, Kathmandu on Sunday. The exhibition features a collection of Moynihan’s modern-contemporary artworks which was inspired by the Kathmandu Valley.

The exhibit, which started on 21st of April, will run until 5th of May 2018. The event, Who Loves Kathmandu More Than Me? will begin at 9 A.M.

Artist Moynihan who has been making frequent visits to Kathmandu since the 1970s said, “When you fall under the spell of Kathmandu Valley, it is impossible not to paint,” adding, “I have great admiration for the people of Nepal. It is a plausible fact that Nepal’s stability is sustained by the artisans.”

Her work is based on her memories of the city; its temples, the gods and goddesses, the people, and the sense of spirituality which comes from a unique blend of Buddhist and Hindu cultures.

According to Moynihan, her life as an artist took a turn when she worked with critically-acclaimed artist and film director Andy Warhol, who further encouraged her to mould her interest towards arts.

Among the subjects of Moynihan’s work on display are late King Birendra, the current environmental state of Kathmandu Valley, and the many Hindu gods and goddesses.

Maura Moynihan. Image Source: My Republica

Maura Moynihan. Image Source: My Republica

Speaking about the exhibit, Seetashma Thapa, curator of Kathmandu Art, said, “The Kathmandu Art family is really happy to work with Maura. Her fascination with Kathmandu since the 70s makes me nostalgic about how beautiful our city once was. Maura’s work is bright, positive and fun.”


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