Two-wheelers Registration Temporarily Halted in Bagmati Zone

Two-wheeler Registration Temporarily Halted in Bagmati Zone

The two-wheeler registration has been temporarily halted in Bagmati zone since Tuesday. It is because no more two-wheeler can be registered in the two-digit lot. Also, there is no provision to register two-wheeler vehicles in the three-digit lot under the current transport guideline.

The existing transport guideline has the registration provision for only two-digit lot vehicles. The Department of Transport Management (DoTM) had made necessary amendments to the guideline and submitted it to the Cabinet of approval more than a month ago. However, the Cabinet’s delay in making a timely decision has affected the two-wheeler registration process in the Bagmati zone, which is a major market for vehicles.

Lawanya Kumar Dhakal, Director General of DoTM said, “We had sent amended guideline to the Cabinet more than a month ago. As the amendment, which has provisions for registration of three-digit lot vehicles, is yet to be approved and a maximum number of vehicles under the two-digit lot has already been registered in Bagmati, registration of two-wheeler has been halted.” He further clarified that the Cabinet was likely to endorse the amendment to the guideline next week.

Bagmati zone, especially the Kathmandu Valley, is a major market for the two-wheelers. According to the dealers, more than 35 percent of imported two-wheeler vehicles are sold in the Bagmati zone.

With the two-wheeler registration being temporarily halted, not only those planning to purchase new two-wheeler vehicles during this festive season will be affected, but also will hit the two-wheeler business in Bagmati zone.

Shekhar Golchha, Former president of Nepal Automobile Dealers’ Association said, “Lack of seriousness on the government’s part in approving the related guideline has resulted in a crisis for the two-wheeler industry.”

The month prior to the onset of Dashain is regarded as the best season for automobile business, as consumers go on a spending spree. As per the dealers in the Automobile business, the sale of the two-wheeler vehicles during this one-month period amounts to the average sale of more than three months during normal time.

News Source: The Himalayan Times
Featured Image: AutoLife Nepal