Smart Driving License in Nepal. Image Source: My Republica

DoTM to Issue Smart Licenses across the Nation

Department of Transport Management (DoTM) has started distributing smart licenses across the nation from 16th July. It has started issuing forms in Sagarmatha, Janakpur, Rapti, Bheri, Seti, Karnali, and Mahakali zonal offices. The smart driving licenses had not been issued in the aforementioned zones till date.

The spokesperson for DoTM, Mr.Tok Raj Pandey has confirmed that all the new applicants who have applied for new driving licenses will get smart driving licenses across the nation instead of the paper licenses that is prevalent now. He said, “Initially, we distributed smart driving licenses only in Kathmandu Valley and through six other zonal offices but from today we have expanded it across the country.”

According to the officials at DoTM, seven out of all the 14 zonal offices have already started to distribute smart licenses across the nation. Along with Bagmati zonal office, offices at Lumbini, Mechi, Koshi, Narayani, Dhaulagiri, and Gandaki have already begun to issue smart licenses.

DoTM will now start distributing smart driving licenses from Sagarmatha, Janakpur, Rapti, Bheri, Seti, Karnali, and Mahakali zonal offices. The DoTM had started to issue smart driving licenses from Bagmati since December 6, 2015.

According to Mr. Pandey, everyone who is applying for a new license and also who are renewing their license will be provided with the smart driving license. DoTM plans to start distributing the smart licenses through all the remaining zonal offices by August 15.

Though the DoTM says that it has started the process to distribute smart licenses across the nation, through all its zonal offices, it has not been able to fully manage all the technical aspects. “Even the basic technical facilities cannot be found in all the offices,” an official at DoTM said on condition of anonymity.

The DoTM has not been able to distribute smart driving licenses even to the people inside the valley. Do you think they will be successful in providing smart licenses across the nation? Let us know your views through the comments.


Reference: The Himalayan Times