Sajha Yatayat to add 24 more buses.

Sajha Yatayat to add 24 more buses

Sajha Yatayat to add 24 more buses. Sajha Yatayat is a cooperative public transportation organization that is providing efficient and affordable public transportation to the commuters inside the valley, as well to inter-district travelers. Sajha has always been a convenient way of transportation for all the travelers. Having so many good qualities already, Sajha is now all set to upgrade their service to passengers and install 24 more buses to its fleet.

According to Sajha’s executive officer, Mahendra Raj Pandey, the cooperative public organization is introducing 4 deluxe buses and 20 city motor vehicles to expand its services. The company had signed an agreement for the purchase of new vehicles some months ago. Four buses are likely to arrive here by a week.

Remaining others will enter the valley in the near future. Demand for Sajha services is reportedly high inside and outside the Valley. Sajha operates one bus on Kathmandu-Baglung route daily and demand for expanding its long route services is increasing day by day. “We are struggling to expand its service as demanded,” said Pandey.

Sajha Yatayat to add 24 more buses; Sajha continues to bring new ways to make commuting easier within the valley.

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Reference: Glocal Khabar