Roots Art Exhibition banner. Image Source: Facebook

Roots Art Exhibition to Kick Off on August 12

Roots Art Exhibition is going to kick off on 12th August at Roots Bar in Thamel, Kathmandu, and will last for three days. The exhibition is organized by Roots Bar Nepal, Bajra Tattoo Studio, and Eros Ink.

The exhibition is a three-day monthly event that takes place on the last week of each month.

The organizers of Roots Art exhibition said that they are trying to create a platform for all the artists by being a powerful medium for them to coordinate with each other and other professionals like interior designers, engineers, buyers, students, and teachers as well. They also said that usually, exhibition venue charges artists for using the venue, but, they are giving a chance to all the artists to showcase their work for free, meaning there would not be any rental charges for the artists.

There will be 15 different artists in each monthly sessions showcasing their passion through art. The selection for the first episode has already been done and now they are having selection round for the second episode which is going to be held in September.

The Roots Art exhibition will be seen in action from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. on August 12th, 13th, and 14th. The event will feature over 30 art piece of 15 selected artists. The organizers of the event informed that they are also planning to do live wall art on 12th August in front of the venue and more than four artists will be working together to create a master piece. However, the live art will take place only if the weather will be in favor. Therefore, it has been kept as an optional part of the event.

One of the members of Roots Bar said, “We have already been established as a landmark for art. That is why we have finally brought together as many artists as we could for the first episode. Hopefully, this initiation will help artists and their works to be recognized throughout the nation this time and worldwide in near future.” He further added, “Additional to this, we have also booked a special artist for live cartoonization at least price, first time ever in Nepal!”

If you’re an artist or have an interest in arts, this is a must-go event for you. The ticket price for Roots Art exhibition is only NPR. 50.

For more details about the event, you can contact Roots Bar Nepal and follow their Facebook page for all the latest details about the exhibition.


Reference and Featured Image: Roots Bar Nepal