public transportation fare increased

Public Transportation Fare Increased by 10%

The government has decided to increase the public transportation fare by 10% after the pressure by the transport entrepreneurs. After the recent hike in the fuel price, the transportation entrepreneurs had tabled preconditions to the government in order for them to accept the bookings of bus tickets for the upcoming Dashain. They had requested either reduction in fuel price or a revision on the existing transportation fare. The option of a slight increase in the transportation fare came across as a more viable option for the government.

Gokarna Prasad Upadhya, Spokesperson for DoTM said on Sunday, “The public transportation fare across all routes has been increased by 10% effective from today.”

After the announcement, transportation entrepreneurs are also preparing to open the booking of bus tickets for the festive period ahead.

“We are preparing to accept the booking of bus tickets from Tuesday onwards,” said Saroj Sitaula, General Secretary of Federation of Nepalese National Transport Entrepreneurs Association.

The transportation entrepreneurs were ready to accept all advanced booking on the bus tickets from today itself after the government gave their words to increase the fare and comment the process of unfreezing the bank accounts of transport bodies (committees and associations). However, they stopped their initiatives after Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) decided to raise the fuel price last week.

DoTM itself had in mind to raise the public transportation fare after the significant increase in fuel price since the last adjustment of public transportation fare. However, the department had assured the fare adjustment will take place only after the festive period as they thought it will disrupt the festive market.

The last transportation fare adjustment made by the government was on February 7, 2016. The petrol and diesel then used to cost NPR. 99 and 75 per liter, respectively.

Since then, the price of petrol has increased by no less than NPR. 15 per liter and diesel by NPR. 26 per liter. The government’s mechanism gives 35% weightage to the fuel price and remaining to the price of other components while reviewing the public transportation fare.

Upon the currently existing public transportation fare in the cities, including Kathmandu Valley, commuters have been paying; NPR. 13 for travel up to 4km, NPR. 15 for travel up to 5km, NPR. 16 for travel up to 6km, NPR. 17 for travel up to 8km, NPR.19 for travels up to 10km, NPR. 21 for travel up to 13km, NPR. 22 for travel up to 16km, NPR. 23 for travel up to 19km and NPR. 24 for travels above 19km.

After the adjustment of the public transportation fare, the public will have to pay an additional 10% on fares mentioned above.

Reference: The Himalayan Times
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