PUBG Mobile Banned in Nepal??!!

PUBG Mobile Banned in Nepal. Wait, really? Let me check. Well, no. It’s running fine on my device. However, it is true that the combat game will be getting banned soon in Nepal.

Yesterday, on April 11, Nepal Authorities ordered ISPs and mobile operators to block streaming of PUBG Mobile. And as a result, the whole internet is going crazy over this fiasco. I must say meme and troll pages on Facebook are really on their toes to provide the best they can on this matter.

Where meme pages are trolling, we, the PUBG lovers are really saddened by the news. I mean, why ban a game that is a perfect companion for those who’re trying to kill their time. To me, it’s like a getaway from my boring daily routine. And now it’s about to vanish? How frustrating is that?

Yes, we sure have heard about all the ill-effects the game has made around the world. But would banning a game make everything alright?

NTA Spokesperson said the ban was on the recommendation of the Metropolitan Police Crime Division, Teku. According to the MPCD, there were many verbal and written complaints from schools and guardians that the addictive game was obstructing education as well as the mental health of their children.

While I am writing this article, I have so many questions for so many people. I want to ask those parents, why did you give your “kids” smartphones if you’re so concerned about their education and mental health? I understand that they want them to make proper use of their smartphones instead of playing games. But, if not PUBG, they’ll find something else to get addicted to it. Today’s kids are tech-savvy and will definitely find a way back to their favorite game. You’re going to ban everything then?

If someone really wants better for their kids, they should help them understand about the ill-effects that the addiction carries, not ban the game and frustrate the whole nation.

Seeing the cloudy side of PUBG Mobile, yes it needs to be controlled; but completely banning something that’s already a part of thousands of people, I personally don’t think it’s the right way to handle the addiction.

There are so many serious issues that need our Government’s attention, and what are we getting? The ban on PUBG Mobile, great! Of course, banning an online game is more important than punishing a rapist or terminating corruption in our nation.

I personally am devastated by the news. I really loved playing PUBG Mobile. I wish everyone who were affected by PUBG Mobile’s dark side a happy recovery. I hope you get your grades back and your mental health be better.


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