Nepal Student Union Announced Protest against Fuel Price Hike. Image Source: Kathmandu Post

Nepal Student Union Announced Protest against Fuel Price Hike

Nepal Student Union (NSU) which is affiliated to Nepali Congress (NC), presented a demonstration to protest against fuel price hike in Kathmandu. Many teams of NSU participated in the rally. The everyday fuel price hike has caused inconvenience and disappointment among the general public. Prices of petrol and diesel in the domestic market have increased.

The rally, protest against fuel price hike, began in Bhrikutimandap and met at Shanti Batika, which was addressed by the NSU leaders to the participants. The leaders pointed out the fact that the continuous fuel price hike would result in price hike in essential commodities, including food items.

The protestors demonstrated outside government colleges including Pashupati Multiple Campus, Tri Chandra College, Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus, Amrit Science Campus (ASCOL), Saraswati Multiple Campus (SMC), Nepal Commerce Campus (NCC), demanding the withdrawal of the price increment.

Nayan Singh Mahat, President of Nepal Student Union said, “The government has hiked the prices of petroleum products five times in 100 days without thinking about the consequences.” Mahat demanded the government to immediately withdraw the decision to fuel hike price or face dire consequences.

He said the NSU would stage a torch rally on 12th of June (today) and burn figurine of the Prime Minister on 14th of June if the government did not extract its decision.

On 9th of June, NSU had organized a torch rally across the country and blocked bar vehicles belonging to government offices and corporations from traveling through government colleges on 10th of June.

Addressing a protest assembly, Ram Prasad Adhikari, Vice President of NSU said they resorted to the agitation against the continuous rise in the price of petroleum products.

“Repeated price hike in petroleum products has caused the market price soaring, thus crippling the daily lives of people. We demand the rolling back of the price increment,” he said.

He also said that they would resort to obstructing the movement of the Prime Minister and other ministers if the prices of petroleum products remained unchanged.


Reference: Kathmandu Post