Nepal Impact Marathon 2017. Image Source: Facebook

Nepal Impact Marathon 2017

Nepal Impact Marathon 2017 is going to be held on November 18 at Kakani, Nuwakot. The event has been organized by Impact Marathon Series. This is the second edition of its kind. The previous Nepal International Marathon was a great success.

After an extraordinary first year, the Nepal Impact Marathon is back, bigger and better than before.

Last year, 90 runners flew to Nepal from all over the globe with one shared goal – to run the inaugural Nepal Impact Marathon. To support the projects and communities of Nepal, they raised £102, 710 last year.

You will spend a week living in the pop-up Athletes’ Village in the shadow of the Himalayas. You will see, feel, and understand the impact by spending time, engaging in awesome community work. The final day, joined by hundreds of runners, you will find yourself attacking the hills of Shivapuri National Park and the communities.

Event Schedule

Monday: Arrive into Kathmandu

Tuesday: Visit one of the projects you’ve fundraised for

Wednesday: Start work on the community project

Thursday: Day two of our community work

Friday: Rest and relaxation

Saturday: Race day! Line up alongside hundreds of Nepalis and ex-pats

Sunday: Departure day

Nepal Impact Marathon 2017 will feature Starter for ten run of 10km, Loop the Loop run of 21km, and The Beast of Shivapuri run of 42km.

The Starter for ten 10km run will be an event for 600m of climbing. Running through the Kakani community will be a competitive and thrilling race. If you are not a runner, Impact Marathon Series invites you to hike this course with the thought “The more the merrier” in mind.

The Loop the Loop 21km run will be just a simple run in the Shivapuri National Park. The event is here for the strong runners, who can take the 1000m climbing trails. Taking on some technical descents and a thrilling waterfall crossing will be a true test of your running ability.

The Beast of Shivapuri 42km run will be a brutal battle of Man vs. Nature. This surely will be the hardest but most rewarding race. With 2000m of climbing on the trails of Shivapuri National Park, this 2 lap course is the ultimate test of a runner’s ability. Make sure to conquer The Beast of Shivapuri.

Organized by Impact Marathon Series, the Nepal Impact Marathon is more than a marathon. The simple power of running can create an impact in the places we race. Nepal Impact Marathon 2017 has teamed up with the UN Global Goals, to put a stop to gender inequality, extreme poverty, and tackle climate change.

Impact Marathon Series is supporting StreetChild, Childreach Nepal, Burns Violence Survivors, Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST), Maiti Nepal, and many others.

Nepal Impact Marathon 2017

Date: 18th November 2017

Venue: Kakani, Nuwakot

Event Type: Road run

Trail Running: Starter for ten, Loop the Loop, and The Beast of Shivapuri

The dream of Nepal Impact Marathon 2017 is to bring runners from all over the world to incredible locations and most importantly to engage with the local community for a week before the race.

Click here to register for Nepal Impact Marathon 2017. For more information on Impact Marathon Series click here, and please head to the official event page on Facebook to know more about the event.