Nepal Is Going to Face Bangladesh in Volleyball Friendly Matches. Image Source: Myrepublica

Nepal Is Going to Face Bangladesh in Volleyball Friendlies

Volleyball team of Nepal is going to face Bangladesh in its first of two friendly matches on Tuesday and Wednesday at Army Physical Fitness and Training Center.

Nepal’s Head Coach, Jagdish Bhatta said the matches against Bangladesh will be a chance for his team to check its level. “We have been working hard to improve our weak part since last three weeks. So this friendly series is going to be helpful to find how effective our efforts have become in correcting our past mistakes,” said Bhatta, speaking at the pre-match conference in Kathmandu on Monday.

Bhatta also said that his players are now highly motivated and their confidence has been on top due to the first ever international tournament they won three months earlier. Nepal had won a bronze medal in AVC Central Zone Volleyball Tournament, held in Maldivian capital Male, in March.

Nepal had faced defeat at the hands of Bangladesh in the AVM Central Zone Volleyball Tournament in Maldives in March, and now, Nepal’s going to face Bangladesh yet again in volleyball friendly matches. Nepal’s skipper, Em Bahadur Magar, vowed to take revenge against Bangladesh at home court. “We lost against Bangladesh with narrow margins last time but we are determined to beat them this time around,” said Magar. Magar also said that the friendly matches would be helpful for his side to prepare for the upcoming tournaments.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh’s Head Coach Ali Pour Aroji said his team was happy to receive an invitation from Nepal to play the friendly matches. “We are delighted to be here to play against Nepal which has recently made volleyball, a national sport,” said Iranian citizen Aroji.

The friendly matches where Nepal is going to face Bangladesh would be the best platform to use young members of the team. “It is not only about the results. We will get the opportunity to use young players as well as we can test their potential through the friendly matches which are not possible during competitions,” said Anogi.

Bangladeshi Skipper Al Zabir said most of the members of the team were suffering from a viral fever that caused weakness in the players. “Playing friendly matches against Nepal is a good opportunity for us and we will try our level best to win the matches,” said Zabir adding that Nepali players were technically and tactically good.

Nepal is going to face Bangladesh in the upcoming volleyball friendly match –a great opportunity to stand out in the athletics for the Nepalese volleyball players sure to attend the match and watch Nepal win!