Underground Power Cables in Kathmandu

A step towards a better city – Underground Power Cables in Kathmandu

The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has come up with a new plan to install underground power cables in Kathmandu. The campaign aims toward minimizing the risk of electrocution and also to make Kathmandu a better city with a beautiful and clean environment.

According to the NEA officials, underground power cables would replace the overhead power line in grids overseen by Maharajgunj Distribution Center and the Ratnapark Distribution Center. Places like Baagbazaar, Asan, and Durbar Marg will be the first ones to get the underground power cables and smart meters installed in Kathmandu.

Indian contractor, KP Industries will undertake the project worth NPR. 6.60 billion with a deadline of 30 months from initiation.

Abhishek Adhikari, NEA Maharajgunj Project Chief said, “Overhead electricity cables and telecommunications lines among others have uglified the while also increasing the risk of unwanted incidents, and the project aims to resolve such issues.”

This is not the first time that NEA has put the plan of underground power cables forward. Back in the year 2017, NEA geared up for the campaign of same kind, however, it was never implemented.

Krishna Oli, from Dang, had to lose both of his hands and legs due to a powerful electric shock earlier this year. The whole internet (among Nepalis) was filled with love and sympathy for him and his family; many helping hands were there to help him out with the situation as well. So, since this became a national news and went viral over the internet, people (in my view as I have seen people talking about it a lot) have become more concerned about the danger and damage electricity can cause if used irresponsibly.

Krishna is not only the victim of electrocution, but there are also hundreds and thousands around the world who have suffered from it. Therefore, we need to be aware and be very careful when it comes to power cables. And concerning the danger and risk, it is a very important step that NEA is currently looking forward to. Installing underground power cables would surely help reduce the risk of electrocution.

Furthermore, it would also enhance the beauty of Kathmandu as there won’t be messy power lines around the city.

What do you guys think of the plan to install underground power cables in Kathmandu? Would it reduce the risk of electrocution?