Nabil Bank agrees to open its toilet for public use

Nabil Bank agrees to open its toilet for public use

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) and Nabil Bank have an agreement to operate their washrooms for public use. The agreement was signed by Chief Administrative Officer, Loknath Poudyal, of KMC and Chief Executive Officer Anil Keshary Shah, of Nabil Bank. The agreement is done for five years.

The public can use the toilets in the 17 bank branches of Kathmandu for free. This also includes its central office in the city. The bank will handle the services like maintenance, sanitation, water management, and drainage.

Following the election of Balendra Shah (Balen) as the KMC mayor, the metropolis has urged and intensified cooperation with the private sector in a bid to address the problems of public toilets in the city.

For the identification and uniformity of private toilets which are allowed for a public toilet, ‘Sarbajanik Shauchalaya’ (Public Toilet) in the blue background has been written in the Nepali language.

According to KMC administrative chief, Mahesh Kafle, the decision was taken by the first meeting of the KMC under the leadership of Mayor Balendra Shah, a total of 58 public toilets within the city would be reused after repair. And more than 60 would be open for public use through cooperation with the private sector.