Music for Education | Charity Event. Image Source: Facebook

Music for Education | Charity Event

Music for Education is going to be held on 9th of June 2018 starting from 1 P.M. Nava Kiran Plus is set to organize the musical event at Sano Gaucharan, Kathmandu. Music for Education is a charity event which will be organized for social welfare.

Who doesn’t love music? Certainly, there are some of us, but for most people, music is a big part of our lives. Whether it’s the music that we listen to on the way to work, while we work out or the music we hear in a film, it can bring up our moods. Music has the ability to touch cultures all over the world and has been doing since the very early times in the history.

The main vision or theme of this event is ‘Supporting the bright future of children for psycho-social development.’

‘Music is a powerful form of Art that feeds the soul, straight through your heart into your mind as it flows through your veins and into your body leaving you in awe.’ With this concept in mind, the organizers formulated the thought of ‘Music for Education’, to provide the children with funds essential for higher education so that they won’t have to feel discouraged by lack of resources.

With the funds raised with the event, Music for Education, the children can pursue their dreams head on to create a marvelous and melodious future by tuning into their dreams without restriction.

The concert will feature talented and bright artists. The featured artists are The Edge Band, Cobweb, Nabin K. Bhattarai, and Neetesh Jung Kunwar.

If you’re someone who’s into music or just want to help raise money for the social welfare, then do attend this event.

The ticket price for the show will be NPR. 500 (Pre-sale with a complimentary drink), NPR. 300 (Pre-sale), and NPR. 500 (Door sale). You can fill in for the event here.

Make sure to be a part of the event and help children to fulfill their dream for a better future. For more information about the musical show, visit their official Facebook page.