Artists protest against pollution in Kathmandu

Laajmandu: A Protest against Pollution in Kathmandu

Activists held a demonstration to protest against pollution in Kathmandu to mark the Earth Day on Saturday.

As a part of the protest against pollution in Kathmandu, a group of artists wrapped themselves in plastic sheets, wound ropes around their neck and stood at the streets of Chabahil, one of the busiest thoroughfares of the Capital, on Saturday offering quite a bizarre sight to passers-by and commuters alike. They were also holding placards labelled with slogans such as “काठमाडौँ बन्यो हिलोमांडू”, “राजधानी बन्यो लाजधानी”, “काठमाडौँ बन्यो लाजमान्डू” and “भत्काउने मात्र कि बनाउने पनि?”, criticizing how Kathmandu is losing its essence to pollution.

Activist rolls on road, wrapped in a plastic sheet with ropes tied around. Image Source: The Himalayan Times.

This is the second protest against pollution in Kathmandu performed by the same group of artists from Kantipur Film Academy. The first one was performed at Tinkune earlier this month.

The protest was choreographed by Tanka Chaulagain, artistic director of the Academy and the featured student actors were Arun Chettri, Sanjog Rasailee, Kamal Bohara, Mohan Jaisi, Abhinit Chaulagain, Rakshya Karki and Sajana Thapa.

Chaulagain said, “Pollution has emerged as one of the most serious problems in the Capital. The ongoing road-widening drive and pipe-laying work for Melamchi Water Supply Project have only added to the woes.”

According to Chaulagain, they have organized the Chabahil show after being encouraged by the interest the audience showed during their first protest in Tinkune. And the main purpose of their show is to draw the attention of the authorities towards the effects of the pollution in the valley.

“With the successful first leg in Tinkune, we took a slightly different approach this time around. We are on a quest to raise awareness and protest the Government’s lack of interest in working to mitigate pollution, and will continue until the issue gets addressed,” Chaulagain added.

The artists said they are planning more pollution-related performance art in the future if the issue remains unsolved.

We hope this protest will draw the Government’s attention towards minimizing the pollution in the valley.


Reference: Kathmandu Post