KMC Plans to Construct a Multistoried Car Parking Lot in New Road. Image Source: Kathmandu Post

KMC Plans to Construct a Multistoried Car Parking Lot in New Road

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is planning to construct a multistoried car parking lot at New Road. The main aim of the plan is to address the problem of parking in the area.

One of the busiest business hubs in Kathmandu City, New Road has only a few parking areas which are usually packed and the situation there is almost always chaotic and poorly managed.

The Executive Officer of the KMC, Dhani Ram Sharma said that they’re planning to construct a multistoried car parking lot at New Road. The plan is to build five-storied parking facility with an automated lift system to address the problems of parking space in New Road. He also said that the KMC has already run a feasibility study for the facility which can accommodate over 400 vehicles.

Mr. Sharma said, “Whether the facility will be built according to public-private partnership (PPP) model or the KMC will solely pay for it is the only thing that remains to be decided.”

KMC’s 23rd anniversary was celebrated last Saturday and during the event, Mayor Bidya Sundar Shakya had announced that the plan for the multi-storied parking facility. The KMC is planning to construct the facility on its property at Dharmapath, an 890-square meter space where the metropolis had its office building previously.

One of the main reasons for traffic congestion and inadequate parking space in the valley is the increasing number of vehicles. And the problem will still grow in the future if the authorities concerned fails to devise a proper solution to it.

KMC has always come up with new ideas and plans to reduce traffic congestion in Kathmandu City from the very beginning. The KMC and other government agencies have announced to promote the use of public transports, introduce monorail, and phase out old vehicles. Also, the Valley’s road infrastructure is undergoing improvement for smooth traffic flow.

Sharma said, “We are also planning to build a similar parking facility in Teku. We are currently experiencing some trouble acquiring a space there, but it should be resolved soon.”

Last year, the KMC had announced a similar plan of building a multi-storied parking lot in Kathmandu Valley. However, due to the lack of elected representatives, the plan did not take off, as per the KMC officials.

We hope that KMC’s target to construct a multistoried parking lot in Kathmandu to solve the parking problems and address road traffic congestion will soon be seen in action.


News & Featured Image Source: Kathmandu Post