Jazzmandu 2017

Jazzmandu 2017: The 15th Kathmandu Jazz Festival

Jazzmandu 2017, the Kathmandu Jazz festival is going to kick off on October 12, 2017, and is expected to last until October 18th. The festival is going to be a week-long music festival and is going to feature national, as well as international jazz musicians in the Capital.

Jazzmandu 2017 is the 15th of its kind. The festival will begin with a free concert for school children and will also host workshops and masterclasses for upcoming musicians and music enthusiasts.

Jazzmandu is known among the leading music festivals in South Asia. And this year, Jazzmandu 2017 is going to feature visiting artists from Thailand, Mali, France, US, Germany, Senegal, and Switzerland.

According to the organizers of the festival, some of the artists to look forward to are Senegalese singer Julia Sarr, who will give the crowd a taste of West African music, and Filtron M. Samuel Wootton’s ensemble Toy Story, which will present a young, cutting-edge sound from Germany. Other artists include Teerapoj Plitakul Trio from Bangkok, The Palouse Project from the United States, and the French quartet Elektrip.

Jazzmandu 2017 doesn’t only feature the international musicians, but also features some of the Nepal’s most accomplished and recognized musicians, including an Eastern Classical ensemble led by the table master Rabin Lal Shrestha, the fusion ensemble Kanta Dab Dab, and the Jazzmandu veterans of the Cadenza Collective.

The first Kathmandu Jazz Festival was held in 2002, on the day of Shivaratri, with four international bands and some of Nepal’s top musicians performing, and the Australian jazz legend Don Burrows as the headliner.

Tickets for Jazzmandu 2017 are now available. You can contact Jazzmandu: The Kathmandu Jazz Festival on their Facebook page to get yours.


Reference: Kathmandu Post