Ideathon – Where Ideas Meet Future. Image Source: HamroLagi

Ideathon – Where Ideas Meet the Future

Ideathon is going to be held in 19th of January, 2019 at Pulchowk Engineering Campus, Pulchowk – Lalitpur. The event is being organized by Society of Mechanical Engineering Students (SOMES) after successfully concluding many events of the MechTRIXs series.

Ideathon is an idea pitching competition in which participants of a group will design a solution to a given problem statement and present them to the judges. The problem statement will be related to the challenges currently faced by the agricultural sector of Nepal, mostly concerned with the natural, technological, and economic challenges. The team with the best idea and presentation will be declared as the winner!

Problem Statements by Ideathon –Prosperity in Agriculture:

  • Farmers in Nepal are unable to fulfill their basic requirements just by selling their products
  • The products of home soil too has limited market in our own country
  • Nepal witnesses a trade deficit of NPR. 113.68870 billion as of July 2018.

The participating teams should come up with a solution that shall help the agricultural products to reach the potential markets, through which farmers can make sufficient profits and overcome the trade deficit our country has been dealing with.

The event organizers of Ideathon marks undergraduate students from science, technological, and management fields. The orientation day for the event will be on 15th of January, 2019 (Nepali date: 1st of Magh, 2075). The participants will have to submit and present their presentation by 19th of January, 2019 (Nepal date: 5th of Magh, 2075).

The entry for the event Ideathon will be NPR. 1000 per team. To register for the event, you can click here! Make sure to attend and support the event, Ideathon – Where ideas meet the future!

Reference: HamroLagi