Glocal Teen Hero 2018 | Fourth Edition | Wai Wai. Image Source: Hamrolagi

Glocal Teen Hero 2018 | Fourth Edition

Glocal Teen Hero 2018 is going to be held on September 1, 2018, at Soaltee Crowne Plaza, Kathmandu. The event is a platform for teenagers who recognize their initiation, creativity, and enthusiasm so as to empower them.

Glocal Teen Hero 2018 is a fully funded program solely for Nepali teenagers. It is an award night dedicated to passionate and innovative teenagers who are also working to create a ripple effect in the society besides academics.

The purpose of Glocal Teen Hero 2018 is to motivate and encourage teenagers to step out of their comfort zone, be creative and cherish innovative thinking. The event also acts as a platform for teenagers to network with delegates from various industries in Nepal.

As for the selection round, 6 teenagers (ages 13 to 19) were selected for their achievements, initiations, and contributions. The selection round was based on their resume and by an interview from the panel of judges.

For the final round, the selected ones titled as ‘Glocal Teen Hero’ will be given a chance to make a small documentary where they will share their inspirational stories and aspiration for future. They will be offered job shadowing and much more opportunities for their growth.

Glocal Teen Hero 2018 is an opportunity of a lifetime, not only to the winner but for all the applicants, finalists and other teenagers to develop themselves through networking, collaboration, and pooling of opportunities.

For more details about the event, you can visit their official Facebook page or their official website. Make sure to attend and support the event!