Global Children’s Designathon 2018. Image Source: google

Global Children’s Designathon 2018

Global Children’s Designathon 2018 is being held today (3rd of November, 2018) at Karkhana, Gyaneshwor. This is the fourth edition which is an initiative of Designathon Works. The event is being organized by Karkhana.

On Global Children’s Designation 2018, 1000 children from all around the world, will work in parallel to design creative solutions for Deforestation, as a part of the Sustainable Development Goal no. 15: Life on Land.

All participants will research on the theme ‘Deforestation’ and will build prototypes of their ideas using recycled materials, cardboards, mini-motors, glue guns, LED-lights and sensors among others. There will be also an exchange program through an online connection, where the participants will be exchanging their ideas with one another.

The children will be taught with Designathon method, a unique future ready education method which teaches children around the world to use their creativity and design future while using new technologies.

As per the Karkhana Wheel, Global Children’s Designation 2018 will engage students in an iterative process of Think, Make, Play and Improve; with the primary focus on making.

For more information about Global Children’s Designathon 2018, you can visit their official website.