First Pride parade in Kathmandu

First Pride Parade in Kathmandu – Happy Pride Month!

The Queer Youth Group is organizing the first pride parade in Kathmandu tomorrow. The placards preparation in on progress for tomorrow’s rally. It is the first ever pride parade taking place in Nepal, actually. Though we’ve seen members from LGBTIQ society organizing different rallies, this is the first time that it’s happening in June, the international Pride Month focusing solely on the LGBT society. The parade will begin at 10 A.M. from Maitighar Mandala to New Baneshwor.

Prior to this pride parade, Nepal was witnessing the pride march only on Gaijatra, a festival where people from all communities come together and dress whatever they like without any hesitation or restrictions. The pride march is organized annually by Blue Diamond Society, Nepal’s first LGBTIQ advocacy organization. And now, the members of Queer Youth Group is taking a step forward to better their existence and identity in the Nepali society with this pride parade happening tomorrow.

According to the official Facebook event page, “Pride Parades are not just events for visibility and celebration of diverse sex, gender, and sexual orientations, but also a struggle for equality. This year’s theme on Pride Parade is the Inclusion of queer (gender and sexual minorities) at all levels of state and decision making the process. Despite the inclusion in the Constitution, none of the bodies have any queer representative. Let’s join hands to celebrate the diversity of sex, gender, and sexual orientation.”

LGBT community flag

Most people in our society does not really understand—or let’s say don’t want to understand and give respect to the LGBTIQ community. In times like this, organizing a pride parade in pride month will definitely help the community to increase its visibility nationally and internationally as well. It will also acknowledge people who’re not aware of June being the pride month and the respect they deserve in our society.

If we, so proudly claim that we live in the 21st century, then it’s high time we act like we’re from the 21st century where there’s no gender or race stereotype. We all are human beings and we all should treat one another equally.

Let’s join the pride parade in Kathmandu and stand with the LGBTIQ community. Happy Pride Month!

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