First Nepal Winter School in AI – 2018. Image Source: Google

First Nepal Winter School in AI – 2018

Nepal Applied Mathematics and Informatics Institute for Research (NAMII) is all set to organize the First Nepal Winter School in AI – 2018. The event is going to be held on 20th of December to the 30th at Prime College, Khusibu, Kathmandu. AI Winter School aims to enrich and inspire AI professionals and empower them for the new generation of AI leadership.

First Nepal Winter School in AI – 2018 is a platform to learn Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning fundamentals and get the hands-on tutorial from world-class AI experts. The 10-day event will include speakers from world-class research labs (MIT, NYU, ETH Zurich, Imperial College London, King’s College London, University of Montreal, and the University of York).

AI Winter School offers lectures and lab sessions on mathematical fundamentals, computational neuroscience, graphical models, applications of ML in vision, medical imaging, language and panel discussions on future of AI and how AI is going to impact our society and our future.

The Nepal School consists of a series of lectures, lab sessions, and scientific paper reading/writing sessions given by invited world-class experts. The experts include a number of alumni who graduated from the local engineering schools and have good knowledge of the teaching methodology there and the key gaps that need to be filled. The social events (a day hiking and dinner) will provide ample opportunities for the like-minded people to network and collaborate.

First Nepal Winter School AI – 2018 is powered by the sponsorship from NCELL.