Entrepreneurs Nepal launches FIN-TEACH | Leading Chance. Image Source: Glocalkhabar

Entrepreneurs Nepal launches FIN-TEACH | Leading Chance

Entrepreneurs Nepal launches FIN-TEACH (Financial Teach) that aims at increasing the financial literacy of the nation. FIN-TEACH is designed as a practically oriented course delivery program.

Treasurer Entrepreneurs Nepal and Program coordinator of the program, Ashmita Adhikari stated that after a long research for 4 years, a complete school level course model is designed and is being launched.

Entrepreneurs Nepal was established in 2014 and initially worked on the industrial development of Nepal. But during the working period, the research showed that the financial illiteracy among the youth population was one of the main reason for the failure of industries. This also discouraged them from the industrial sector. Ashmita Adhikari added saying, “It became the main reason for the release of “FIN-TEACH” today.”

Entrepreneurs Nepal launches FIN-TEACH | Leading Chance. Image Source: Entrepreneurs Nepal

chart – FIN-TEACH

FIN-TEACH targets young children of rural households of remittance backed families, who are potential migrant workers and their family members. It also targets teachers of local institutes, local representatives, remittance receiving families, and other local residents.

The project will enhance the financial literacy of the targeted groups and improve their tendency towards usage of financial services. The course will focus on concepts such as earning, expenditure, financial planning, saving, banking, insurance, investments, taxes and other basic essential financial areas.

The two-year program with 15 crores investment will help people from the school or college level who are interested in the industrial sector. The 15 days, 1 month or 3 months course is designed for students of grade 6 to 9 and +2 students. Banker Manoj Gyawali said that ‘FIN-TEACH’ focuses on making different projects, performing experiments and progressive hard work in the technical part will make it a milestone. Also when a child will be taught how to save money and where to invest the money, the whole family will be aware of the finances.

FIN-TEACH while imparting financial education in rural areas will help Entrepreneurs Nepal to monitor the change and behavioral activities of the students, their families, as well as local residents. EN’s dream to make financially literate Nepal with community-based approach has been the most favored approach and is also observed to be an effective method to create awareness.


Reference: Glocalkhabar

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  1. Yeah, read this too, published by one of the partners for Fin-Teach. 🙂

    ‘Entrepreneurs Nepal set to launch ‘Fin-Teach’ program to promote financial literacy in Nepal; announces investment of Rs. 15 crores for the project’

    If somebody is interested to be part of the program, you can visit: https://entrepreneursnepal.org/fin-teach/

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