Efforts to Conserve Endangered Species of Jajarkot | Local People of Jajarkot. Image Source: Freevector

Efforts to Conserve Endangered Species of Jajarkot | Local People of Jajarkot

People of the Jajarkot district have commenced steps in the conservation of the endangered species of animals and birds like red panda, vultures, cheer pheasant, and griffon. Lack of adequate awareness among people has caused the indiscriminate poaching of the red panda, vultures, and cheer pheasants.

The people of Jajarkot have been attentive and contributing towards the conservation of animals and birds in spite of the financial problems and lack of economic support. They believe that animals and birds determine the future of humankind; if one species gets extinct, the whole food chain of other living beings gets affected.

Govinda Singh, who is involved in the conservation of birds, said that allocation of the budget is important for the conservation campaign. Barekot and Nalgad rural municipalities of Jajarkot are the homes to the huge number of vultures and red pandas. Singh expressed worry over government’s negligence to the conservation of such wild animals and birds.

According to Singh, massive public awareness is must for protection of such wildlife. He mentioned, “People need to be aware of the importance of these species, recognize and contribute towards saving these species by stopping the indiscriminate poaching of the red panda, vultures and cheer pheasants and poisoning of these species.”

Endangered species of birds like the dove and Lophura leucomelanos (Kalij), several types of deer, hare and other endangered species which would be commonly seen in the jungles have become hard to find these days. Due to smugglers and poachers, the forest resources like precious medicinal herbs and wildlife is being drastically drained in spite of the effort of the people and the government.

Pandas are regarded as a sign of good luck, the red panda is facing an existential threat in spite of their symbolic importance. An international effort has been successful in mobilizing local communities in eastern Nepal to save the species of pandas.


Reference: Glocal Khabar