Durbarmarg Store Owners arrested for Overcharging. Image Source: Ekantipur

Durbarmarg Store Owners arrested for Overcharging

Back in September, a team from Department of Supply Management Nepal and Protection of Consumers Interest sealed four branded shops in Durbarmarg –based outlets of Nike, Puma, Bentley, and Store One brands in Kathmandu for allegedly charging an exorbitant price for their products.

Supplies Minister Shiva Prasad Mandal led a market monitoring team and raided nine stores on Durbarmarg to check for possible misconducts and sealed stores on the charge of putting expensive markups, in September.

Two days later, officials from the Department of Supplies Management (DoSM) sealed two other clothing stores on New Road on a similar charge.

Durbarmarg store owners were arrested for overcharging customers and failing to report to the police.

SSP Rabindra Dhanuk informed police arrested Rajeshwor Shrestha, Subash Maharjan, Jitendra Maharjan, Shree Krishna Maharjan, Roshan Odari, Raunak Sharma, Uttam Kumar Basnet, Prajin Jha, and Tulsidhar Bhandari on Tuesday.

A case of Black Marketing Act has been filed against them. The owners have been arrested for overcharging in international products like Nike, Reebok, Puma, Bentley, and Levis. “They have been kept at Metropolitan Police Range,” said SSP Dhanuk.

Following the government action, the retailers in Durbarmarg closed their business. The shops are to be opened after four days.


Reference: Ekantipur