Diseases Outbreak in the Valley as Garbage Piles on the Street. Image Source: The Kathmandu Post

Diseases Outbreak in the Valley as Garbage Piles on the Street

Diseases outbreak in the valley as garbage piles on the street. Decaying organic garbage littered on the streets of Kathmandu continues to spread a detestable smell since the last month. Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is not being able to clear the garbage piling on the streets because the capacity of the dumping ground in Sisdole is full, a source says. It cannot take solid waste anymore.

Reeking of garbage in the capital city has increased the chances of the disease outbreak. Piles of the garbage can be seen at Balkhu, Kuleshwar, Kalimati, Kalanki, Tankeshwar, Tripureshwar, Baneshwar, Shantinagar, Bagbazaar, among other places as they have not been removed for two weeks. Around 500 metric tonnes of solid waste is generated per day in Kathmandu alone at present.

Pedestrians passing these places, street vendors, and businessmen who own stores nearby have been bearing the impact of the foul smell originating from decaying garbage.

Diseases Outbreak in the Valley as garbage piles on the street. Doctors have warned of an outbreak of diseases like cholera, typhoid, and respiratory ailments if the solid waste was not immediately managed. KMC Mayor Bidya Sundar Shakya has said efforts are on to manage the garbage that has piled on the streets as early as possible. He also urged the city denizens not to haphazardly dispose of wastes generated from their homes out onto the street.


Reference: The Himalayan Times