Clean Environment Mega Campaign

Clean Environment Mega Campaign Inaugurated in Kathmandu

Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara inaugurated the Clean Environment Mega Campaign 2075 at the initiative of Ministry of Forests and Environment in the capital yesterday.

The World Environment Day is this Tuesday on June 5, 2018. And with the World Environment day approaching, Speaker Mahara inaugurated the Clean Environment Mega Campaign in Kathmandu by sweeping the roads at Shankhapark.

During the occasion, Mahara said that we should all start the initiative of cleanliness from an individual level to build a clean environment and this might then gradually institutionalize. He further said, “The goal cannot be achieved without developing and implementing policies and plans.” Therefore, he urged to make the Clean Environment Mega Campaign successful by focusing on the implementation.

Minister of Forests and Environment, Shakti Bahadur Basnet said, “Sanitation is not only the responsibility of Government but of everyone.” He clarified that the trend of blaming the Government for not keeping the city clean after them throwing garbage out of houses should be pushed to an end. He added, “The garbage thrown on the roads of the capital city will be cleaned by Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) and the amount spent for this activity will be charged from those throwing the garbage on the roads.”

The Clean Environment Mega Campaign inaugurated by the Ministry of Forests and Environment is in coordination with the KMC.

According to Dayanidhi Bhatta, Minister Basnet’s Press Coordinator, the mega campaign would be continued and Minister Basnet would be participating once a week in the campaign.

On Wednesday, The Clean Environment Mega Campaign began from Shankhapark – Bishalnagar – Dhumbahari – Peepalbot and finally concluded back in Shankhapark.

We hope this mega campaign – Clean Environment Mega Campaign will be a success and the citizens in Kathmandu are expected to support the campaign as well.

Let’s keep our surrounding clean!


Featured Image: Nepali Reporter