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Catch Wheels: A New Website Dedicated to Motovlogging

We are very happy to announce that the new venture of our founder Mr. Sakin Shrestha has officially come into existence today with the launch of its official website – Catch Wheels. Catch Wheels is a website solely dedicated to motovlogging and was founded by Sakin Shrestha, founder of Catch Internet Pvt. Ltd. and Ashish Rai, a Creative Web Designer.

Catch Wheels is a group of Motovloggers from our Catch Internet team trying to showcase the beauty of Nepal through our Motovlogs. We initiated the journey of Motovlogging on YouTube and used to upload the Motovlogs on the official YouTube channel only. But now, Catch Wheels has its own identity in the web with an official website of its own along with a growing YouTube Channel. Our riders are like-minded and carry the same passion for biking and traveling to places. Catch Wheels features MotovlogsRider Interviews, Experiences, Pictures, and Reviews of Motorcycles and the places we visit. Our main goal with Catch Wheels is to show the different parts of Nepal and encourage our viewers to visit those places and experience the thrill too.

There are many well-known places in Nepal—such as Pokhara, Lumbini, Kathmandu Valley and many more—that are known by both national and international community. But, Nepal is much more than that, and there are so many other beautiful places in Nepal that many of us might not be familiar with. Hopefully, our Motovlogs and stories will motivate all those adventure seekers to make a visit too.

Traveling is something that you can never really get enough of and our country sure has the perfect destinations for nearly every kind of thrill you’re seeking. Even though we are not professional Motovloggers, we love sharing our journeys and experience with our audience to motivate them. We aspire to travel as many places as possible to show the world what our country has to offer.

We regularly update our Catch Wheels website with our new Motovlogs to different locations. We’ve already posted a few Motovlogs on our YouTube channel, make sure you check them out as well. You can also show us your love by following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you want to keep up with our Motovlogs, consider subscribing to our official YouTube channel – Catch Wheels.

Catch Wheels – Catching Up With Adventures!!